3-Jul Poll Results (Class and Job poll)

We started our weekly polls last week on 3-Jul.  Our question last week was:

“What class/job do you think will be your primary adventuring class?”

We left out crafting and harvesting for a future poll.  Since FFXIV:ARR is going to emphasize completing the story via adventuring classes, this seemed like a great place to begin.  1848 people responded to the poll, and here are the results:

Arcanist/Scholar: 167
Arcanist/Summoner: 199
Archer/Bard: 222
Conjurer/White Mage: 281
Gladiator/Paladin: 239
Lancer/Dragoon: 217
Marauder/Warrior: 180
Pugilist/Monk: 173
Thaumaturge/Black Mage: 170

That’s pretty interesting, White Mage winds up as the most popular class at 15.21%  We had a lot of comments about the “glut of healers,” but I think that’s a bit premature.  For the first 30-levels of the game, CNJ is the only healer and we’re looking at about a 1:6 ratio of healers to other.  That’s way off the 1:3 you want for ideal light party grouping at the start of the game.

Once Arcanist/Scholar enters the mix, things look a bit better.  For reference, I regrouped the numbers so that we are looking at roles: tanks (PAL/WAR), healers (WHM/SCH), support (BRD/SUM), and damage dealers (DRG, MNK, BLM).  Here’s the breakdown by role:

Healers are looking a bit slight for light parties.  But the situation we typically expect to see in MMO’s looks like it will appear in FFXIV:ARR.  Damage dealers exist aplenty, but tanks and support are scarce.  This may make things even tighter as we move out of leveling 4-person teams and into end-game with 8-person and 24-person teams.



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