Advanced Materia

Melding Materia Muchly

Advanced Application and Removal

Read the Basic Materia Guide for starter information.

Once you have obtained level 25 in a crafting profession, Mutanix the Goblin has more information to offer regarding advanced materia.  In order for him to teach you these secrets, you have to complete the Melding Materia Muchly quest.  This quest requires you to affix 8 pieces of gear while in Mutanix presence.

As a level 25 Armorer, I simply chose to make Initiates Skillets (a reasonably low resource recipe) and affix junk materia (resistance gear) to them.  You get the quest updates simply by affixing near Mutanix.

Note: Resistance gear isn’t junk, but at tier-1 with low level resistances, its pretty much junk.  Higher level resistance gear is likely to be quite valuable.  I am certain that end-game raiding will place a high premium on resistances.

Melding Materia Muchly

Mutanix does not take the materia infused items from you, he simply wants to see you do the processing.  You can, therefore, just do combines for gear you want to use in his presence and get the update.  I burned through trash, but could have used it on pieces I planned on keeping.  Either way, you complete the quest and unlock the advanced techniques.

MMM Mutanix

Upon completing the quest, Mutanix informs you that if you “uses secret joiny-skill, one fighty-tool bears many materia… maybe.”  Essentially, while melding is 100% successful, the secret joiny-skill has a gambling element and failure is possible.  Most importantly, “using secret joiny skill not for unstrong of bladder!”  Well, if Mutanix says so!

The help tool for Advanced Materia lets you know that a botched advanced meld will result in the loss of not only the catalyst, but also the materia.

Applying Advanced Materia

Advanced Materia is applied in the same manner as Basic Materia.  Find an item that is eligible for melding, right click on it and select meld to open the menu.  Choose an item that has its materia slots full and you begin the advanced melding process.

Advanced Materia 1


In the above image, I am attempting to apply a Dexterity Materia I to the Decorated Bronze Gauntlets I materia imbued in the Basic Materia guide.  Notice the reduced percentage chance?  Where I had 100% successes with the first two melds, each applied to a materia slot, the Advanced Materia application has only a 40% success rate.

As one would expect, I failed.  Failure didn’t hurt the previously slotted materia, but I did lose the materia and catalyst that I was attempting to apply.

On my third attempt, I managed to infuse a bonus Determination to the Gauntlets.   Notice, though, I didn’t receive any bonus?  That’s because I already have one Determination attached and the second attachment exceeded the maximum Determination that an Item Level 17 item can hold.  No worries, though, this is all experimentation at this point.

Advanced Materia 2

I can try a second affix.  Should it succeed, I will have four materia combined with the item.  The chance of success, though, drops precipitously.  I have only a 20% chance of applying this second advanced meld.

Advanced Materia 3


Materia Removal

It turns out that Mutanix can help you with Materia removal.  If you have applied something you don’t need, or if you have acquired a better materia you would like to use in an item already infused to maximum, you need Mutainix help.

Visiting Mutanix gives you the option for “small talk” and “materia removal.”  Let’s leave goblin small talk aside and focus on removal.  The removal menu looks a bit like the materia menu, you have a drop-down list of inventory locations (armory chest and equipped) along with a list of eligible items.

Let’s take that Decorated Bronze Gauntlet with the double determination and fix it  up a bit.   Selecting the item gives you the materia removal dialog and a fee (50gil for this removal).

Materia Removal


There’s good news and bad news.  The good news is the item was fully cleared of materia.  The bad news, 100% of the materia removed was lost in the process.  I don’t know, as of yet, whether it is 100% guaranteed that you lose materia or if there is a chance of recovery.  The important takeaway, though, is that you lose all slotted materia, making removal an undesirable process unless it is completely necessary.

Advanced Materia Thoughts

At this time, none of my dungeon gear is materia eligible.  Whether that continues to be the case as we progress to the end-game is unknown.  Materia is, for the moment at least, a crafted only system.  Quest gear is materia possible since it is simply crafted gear received from an NPC.

Advanced Materia really opens up the crafting system.  The ability to take HQ items and “overclock” them up several times over potentially places crafting gear in competition with green quality dungeon gear.  Additionally, over-slotted gathering and crafting gear is likely to be in high demand.

As for materia removal, that really seems to be a less useful option.  The loss of multiple materia seems a bit too costly, even if the gil cost itself is fairly cheap.


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14 Responses to Advanced Materia

  1. Striveldt says:

    Can you apply advanced materia to items without materia slots, or only to items with full materia slots?

    • Ryahl says:

      I haven’t tried that. I did try a dungeon pink and a dungeon green, those weren’t eligible. I’m not sure there is any crafting gear post-15 that lacks materia slots though?

  2. Julies says:

    Hiya, can you tell us how melding materia for other people work? Do they have to trade you both the item/materia before you meld them? If so, this seems leaves people very prone to be scammed, no? Thanks.

  3. Sedo says:

    I already got the advanced materia melding from 1.0 and my crafter is only level 24~
    As for the guy below, you can’t meld materia into items that do not have slots in the first place…
    I have additional questions, Where other than the market or converting can you get materia?
    Thanks for the post

    • Ryahl says:

      I’m not sure when Mutamix gives the advanced materia quest. I was working off a suspicion of it being at 25 (I believe I had read that as I don’t recall the specific message Mutamix gives), but hadn’t been out to visit Mutamix since hitting 19th with my armorer.

      Materia only comes from broken down gear. The type of materia received is random, but it reflects the type of gear broken down (e.g. Disciple of War gear shouldn’t create gathering materia). Basically, it creates a major item sink in the economy, encouraging players to soulbind and break down old gear.

  4. Sedo says:

    interesting, though I’m curious about the level V materia, what items should we convert to get those? Can’t imagine converting a relic weapon just to get a level V materia… lol~

  5. Aidryen Ragnarok says:

    I have to thank and praise the OP for doing all the research and putting this guide up. It will become extremely handy when Phase 4 begins. I began with the PS3 openings for Phase 3 and didn’t focus on getting leveled to the point of being able to meld materia and figure it out myself. Many thanks!!!

  6. Halfmind says:

    Has there been any work on determining the max stat bonuses for item levels? I find it very interesting that stats cannot go above a particular number based on ilvl, but you would hope it would be somewhat easy to determine (besides the possibility of wasting materia).

    Also, is there a limit to Advanced Materia slotting? The chance of failure is extremely high, which is a strong deterrent in the first place, but are two slots the cap for Advanced?

    Thanks for the work and the guide!

    • AelaAela says:

      We havne’t had a chance to push far enough in it to determine the top caps to Advanced Materia. Once you know more, we’ll update the guide.

  7. Darcy says:

    Is there somewhere a table or something that indicates the Bonuses cap per item level?
    I wonder if the items can only have X points total in bonuses or if it’s limited by type of bonus. Anyone knows?

  8. Kid Disaster says:

    Can you clarify removal? Can I choose just one materia to remove, or is it an all or nothing?

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