Eorzea Reborn Linkshell – Midgardsormr

Eorzea Reborn Linkshell

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Eorzea Reborn is now open on the Midgardsormr server.

Look up Ryahl Macbannon or Aela Delphi for invites.


  1. Be cordial
  2. Respect others
  3. Keep it reasonably clean

You can be in up to eight different linkshells.  ER is primary for discussion and exchange of information.  We also coordinate activities out of there too.  We prefer to keep things family friendly and tend to have a more adult (as in older, not as in M-rated) population.

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23 Responses to Eorzea Reborn Linkshell – Midgardsormr

  1. Heyo! Victor here from MMORPG.com and Twitter.

    It’s cool seeing your guides on Reddit. I look forward to reading more and combining your info with the stuff coming out of Gamer Escape, and of course, your writings on MMORPG.com.

    Cheers to the two of you!

    • Ryahl says:

      Cheers to you too Victor. I’ve enjoyed your last couple of columns, very thought provoking stuff!

      • Hi Ryahl. I wanted to come and show my support. You have a wonderful website here. I’m not sure which server I’m going to end up with on live for my guild but it probably won’t be Goblin.

        That being said we can still be friends!

        • Ryahl says:

          Thanks Grakulen, the site is a lot of fun to put together. If you guys don’t wind up on Goblin, perhaps we’ll see a system come about making it easier for cross-server groups and such. Given the crossover nature of Duty Finder and the access of Lodestone, it would be great if we could have a cross-server friends network.

          Once we hit B4, though, we should probably try to put together a streamed dungeon run!

        • AelaAela says:

          Ry might have forgotten, but we’ll not be on Goblin at launch either. We’re moving to Midgardsormr at the start of Phase 4.

  2. Torrigan says:

    Your write-ups and comments on reddit posts have been extremely helpful! I am planning to be on Midgardsormr for release and would love to join a LS with great people/discussion! I plan on maining a Bard to start if it makes a difference. Are you planning on doing a FC as well or just a LS?

    • AelaAela says:

      You had me at ‘bard’!

      …yes, we will be making a FCC, however it will be separate from the ER LS. Our guild can be found at ohanaguild.com, please look over our info before making any firm decisions. The site is still TSW focused, but will be updated soon ™.

      • Torrigan says:

        Thanks for the link! The rules seem straight forward and the kind of stuff I want to see in a guild. I have no clue what my schedule will look like come Mid-August, so I’m not committing to any FC’s yet. Also I’m still not 100% sure on all the differences between LS and FC, besides LS is more social and FC handles more guild aspects.

        • AelaAela says:

          Basically the LS is a social chat channel, while the FC is the guild. You can be in a number of LS, but only one FC (I think?). We’re not really doing much specific as a FC, we’re just trying to get our feet wet and get grouping up with folks.

          • You can be in 8 linkshells but only one Free Company.

          • Ryahl says:


            I really like the idea behind the FC/LS split. If it plays out the way I hope it does, this really empowers a much broader server social network than the closed nature of just guilds.

  3. Striveldt says:

    I’ve really enjoyed the posts on here and the discussion on reddit, plus the ohana website seems to be full of really helpful people so count me in. I’m on Cactuar right now but will be moving over to Midgardsormr. I’ll probably be going Archer->Bard with Botany/Fishing and Woodworking/Culinary.

    • AelaAela says:

      Sounds great. Look forward to meeting you soon!

      Right now we’re just focusing on the LS, and will expand to Ohana type recruitment once we get things settled.

  4. joshy0302 says:

    Hey there, I just wanted to say a few things. First, I really like the guides that you have been publishing and they have been incredibly helpful! Please keep up the excellent work!

    Additionally, I have been stumbling around on a server that I was ported to with my character from v1.0 without really knowing anyone and having some hesitance with joining a group. I have this silly fear of being in a group and botching up my roll. I feel that I have not been able to experience the full breadth of the game without joining parties.

    To be honest, despite having played MMOs since the old EQ days, I’m not really a veteran. I have been playing WoW recently with my nephew who has been teaching me and I have been trying to read up on how to play my roll to its fullest potential. However, most people don’t seem keen on providing useful feedback.

    After reading may of your replies and your guild’s page, I was hoping that I might be able to join for FFXIV. I want to learn more about the game (why I started reading these guides in the first place) and I’d love to make some new friends in the process. I’m still a little wet behind the ears, but I’d love the opportunity to learn if you are still accepting new members!

    • Ryahl says:

      A couple of thoughts to reply to here:

      1. You really should take up people on groups. Yes there are bad groups out there and yes there are elitists out there. There are also a lot of good people out there and, right no in particular, a lot of people learning their roles. It’s the right time to dive in. Aela and I have been doing some deliberate pug (pick up group) activity in Beta-3 and its typically positive and, at worst, an okay experience. Don’t let the fear of a lightning strike keep you in the house.

      2. On a legacy server (with 1.0 characters) you are going to see a much more experienced player-base, which will make the start of the game different. There will be a number of pre-existing level 50′s – which may preclude finding as many groups. Some will certainly role arcanist when it comes out, though, so lower level groups will still exist.

      3. For Beta-3 we’re on Goblin and in Beta-4 we will move to Midgardsormr. If you are on either server, you are welcome to join into the Eorzea Reborn community as long as the guidelines posted are agreeable (be polite, respect others, keep it reasonably clean). There is a bit of grouping up within the linkshell and I would expect to see more in Beta-4. Eorzea is very much casual, community friendly and playstyle neutral (play the way you want to play) environment.

      4. For Ohana Free Company, we’re a bit more focused on matching our playstyle, which is a dungeon/raid heavy guild playing in central/pacific prime times. Once we get rolling, we’re a 2-3 night a week dungeon intensive group (log in, join group, head underground). We really expect people to group up, play group supporting roles (not specifically support roles) and be available for guild outings. It’s typically only a couple of days a week commitment since we are ‘casually serious’. We will be opening Ohana recruiting as we get into Beta-4, but its got to be a good two-way match. If you feel like that’s doable and the times work, we’re happy to bring you in as a recruit.

      • joshy0302 says:

        Excellent! Thanks for the response and your insight. Once the beta is back up and running, I may just check out those servers and try and get in contact with you all! Looking forward to it!

  5. Chris says:

    I’m on Midgard now, and will be staying there for P4 and live, so I’ll definitely look you guys up for a LS invite. A helpful, polite, and social group of people is always a good thing to have.

  6. Dark Rabite says:

    Me and my wife created on Goblin last night. Much nicer now that we both have beta access =)

    i didn’t see any of y’all over there but hopefully i can find some of you this evening. My character is Dale Munin.

    • Ryahl says:

      We are about, but often in dungeons. When a player hits a dungeon they are on “another world” as far as search goes and, hence, invisible.

  7. richATTK says:

    Good to know, I was in a social LS 8+ years ago on XI, Unrockbar on Bismark, mostly as a THF named Lann. I really don’t know anyone else playing XIV now and I like the info on here so I might look you up. Right now I’m on Midgardsomr, L20 Marauder named Lann Attack.

    • Elle says:

      Just had to ask… is that name a Wheel of Time reference? I know the spelling is different, but… just a had to ask.

      I also played XI for years on (hangs head in shame) Alexander and we had a WoT based LS. It was named StarWarsKids, but most of us were Wheel of Time freaks. We were FAMILY and still stay in touch. I miss that game SO much. The real game, not the…current version. Had some GREAT players. Have some of them coming to ARR, yay!

  8. Andrew says:

    Glad I randomly came across this site! I’m fairly new to FFXIV, have been waiting for years for this to hit the PS3 and played the last two Beta waves. I chose Midgardsormr for Beta 4 because I spent my 5 years of Final Fantasy XI on Midgard and felt a little loyalty to the name, plus I didn’t know anyone on any of the other servers. A social and helpful linkshell would be a great starting point for a veteran MMO but newbie FFXIV player.

  9. Elle says:

    I love your site and your LS sounds fantastic. I am wholly impressed. As soon as squeenix allows off-Legacy transfers I’m coming to your server with my probably by then level fifty cnj/whm/sch/smn and maybe even blm if I get time to do arc by then. I hope I’ll be welcome because you guys kick butt, which is hard to do in a game sorely lacking them these days. ^.~

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