FFXIV:ARR – Aurum Vale

Aurum Vale

A FFXIV:ARR Dungeon Guide

Aurum Vale 1

In the Southwest corner of Coerthas Central Highlands lies the long abandoned Aurum Vale.  Nedrick in Vesper Bay advises you to travel to the Highlands and visit with Willielmus for access to this dungeon.


Aurum Vale is a level 47 dungeon intended for light parties of 4-persons.  This is an optional dungeon in that it is not part of the main story arc for FFXIV:ARR.   Aurum Vale is a challenging dungeon with a number of fights requiring both movement and coordination between party members.


Aurum Vale sits at an odd junction of the game’s content.  As a level 47 dungeon it does not drop endgame gear, nor does it drop enough Tomes of Philosophy to entice level 50’s to visit it.  Further, the itemization of the dungeon is largely inferior to the Artifact armor available at level 45.  Finally, the difficulty of the boss fights themselves will deter many groups.


All told, it’s going to be difficult finding groups for Aurum Vale.  That’s a shame because it’s a really interesting dungeon, with great pulling mechanics, and some neat boss fights.  Since its side content, though, many people will likely wait to see Aurum Vale when its “Hard Mode” unlocks sometime in the future.


The bulk of this dungeon consists of large open rooms with densely packed monster placement.  Multiple groups sit in overlapping arcs with several patrols migrating around the room.  This places an emphasis on pulling.  Pulling is the practice of engaging a monster (or monsters) and then bringing it back to your party.  You want to setup your party in a safe spot and bring one group at a time back to them to kill.  Once a room is cleared, advance to the next room and repeat the process.


The Locksmith

The Locksmith

The first boss of Aurum Vale is the Locksmith.  This is an Ochu type monster, replete with all the status diminishing breath effects one expects from such creatures.  Upon entering the room, players should become aware of four Morbol fruits laying in different parts of the room.  These are essential for learning this encounter and feature heavily in the final boss fight as well.


Throughout the fight, players will accumulate stacks of the Gold Lung from the Gold Dust effect.  This effect causes some damage which increases with each stack.  The Morbol fruits clear all negative status effects, which includes the Gold Lung as well as the bevy of debuffs from the Locksmith.


Locksmith’s Golden Lung Effect

Eating a Morbol fruit clears your debuffs but also causes the fruit to disappear.  In the Locksmith fight, these respawn reasonably fast, though.  We chose to simply eat a fruit every 2 stacks, but in our later fights we have realized you can let the debuff go a bit higher, safely.


Positioning is a key for defeating the Locksmith.  In our encounter, I took the Morbol fruit straight ahead on the opening.  Our BLM took the far left fruit and the BRD near right fruit.  The WHM took the fruit near and on the left.  This left the WHM in position to heal the tank, get mana regen from the bard and periodically heal the BLM (who also healed himself throughout the fight).





Goldvine’s are not, technically, bosses, as you encounter several of these giant Morbul’s as you traverse the dungeon.  Goldvine’s are often surrounded by podlings and seedlings.  The podlings are active immediately and are quickly burned down with aoe spells.  The seedlings will turn into podlings if left standing for too long.  These also can be quickly burned down.


In general, we try to burn down the pods and seeds before engaging the Goldvine.  If the Goldvine is engaged earlier, simply have the tank pull it off to the side while the remaining party members finish off pods and seeds.





This fight can get just a bit crazy.  Coincounter is a cyclops who brings a number of tricks to the table.  This fight is partially movement oriented but also very much a team coordination fight.  Because of this, the tank will often be out of range to complete enmity combos.  It is imperative that all party members keep an eye on their own enmity build up throughout this fight.


The first movement mechanic you encounter is Coincounter’s 1000ilm swing.  This is a point blank area of effect attack that is lethal to everyone, including tanks.  It does not have a red splat as an indicator, you have to watch for the casting bar and move quickly.  The ability also does not appear to be interruptible, but that is not a confirmed fact for this guide.


Immediately after firing off the 1000ilm swing, Coincounter responds with a 100ilm swing.  This is also a pbaoe, but far less deadly.  It will tag the tank for over 1000 hitpoints, though and is probably deadly for lower HP party members.


Periodically, Coincounter drops enmity and starts chasing party members around the map.  During this time, he will still show a red square for the tank’s enmity, so it’s not an enmity loss.  Rather, Coincounter just decides to go chase down other people.  During this time he will also fire off beam attacks in a straight line in front of him.  This should be a red column to avoid.


For the remainder of the fight, Coincounter will cycle through his pbaoe and chase mechanics.  Stay ready to move and try not to move in such a way as to jeopardize another party member.


Miser’s Mistress

The final boss of Aurum Vale, Miser's Mistress

The final boss of Aurum Vale, Miser’s Mistress

The final boss of Aurum Vale is quite challenging.  This fight benefits significantly from AOE dps, a BLM is highly recommended here.  As one would expect from this type of creature, be ready for cone attacks with significant debuffs attached to them.


The primary mechanic for this fight is identical to the Locksmith.  The Mistress periodically uses the Gold Dust ability which places a stacking debuff on your entire party.  Similarly, eating Morbol fruit drops all debuffs.  However, there are more than four fruits in the Mistress fight and they respawn far slower than in the Locksmith fight.  We let the debuff stack to five before eating fruit in this fight.


The second mechanic of this fight involves the pods and seedlings you saw with the Goldvine fight.  The Mistress will run to a corner of the room and lay a number of seedlings.  You have a few moments to destroy them before they turn into adds.  The adds swarm your DPS and can wipe a group quickly.


While it is tempting for the tank to go in and help, it is more important to reacquire the Mistress enmity and get her turned away from the party.  Your party’s aoe damage is going to need to take down the pods.

Finally, if you complete Aurum Vale you can speak with Nedrick Ironheart in Vesper Bay after finishing the main story line at 50th to unlock Amdapor Keep.   However, there are two ways to unlock Amdapor Keep, you can also do so via your Grand Company and completing the Dzemael Darkhold dungeon instead.

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8 Responses to FFXIV:ARR – Aurum Vale

  1. Liethe says:

    The Coincounter part of this guide is a bit misinformed. (ilms? both attacks named “swing”)

    The attack 100 tonze swipe is a frontal cone attack, which the tank can avoid by running through the boss and behind him.

    100 tonze swing is a 360-degrees heavy attack that can kill anyone, including the tank. run away from this.

    Glower is the line attack he will use on a random party member regardless of aggro status. He will turn toward you before casting it, so run away when you see that.

    Finally, Coincounter can periodically throughout the fight “stop to reconsider” (you’ll receive a message about it) This is when he does infact “reset” aggro, and the tank needs to reacquire top spot on the enmity list.

    Often when he resets the enmity status, he will immediately use the attack Eye Of The Beholder, which can be avoided by either being up close to him or at maximum distance. Medium distance will get a painful hit.

    Hope this helps.

  2. XyzzySqrl says:

    Sorry, but as far as I can tell Aurum Vale is level 47.

    • Tacos says:

      You can enter the dungeon at level 47. I can confirm as I have been in and completed this dungeon a few times and I am only level 47.

    • Zheri says:

      I believe the quest to unlock it can be completed at 45, however, 47 is required to enter.

      Also may want to note that this place is a headache for any SMN or SCH who does not have access to Swiftcast (lvl 26 THM skill). The AoE debuffs from the first and final bosses effect pets and there is no way to clear them off. You’ll need to resummon once or twice during each fight.

    • bobby says:

      You can enter at 47.

    • AelaAela says:

      Thanks. Updated the info.

  3. Seo says:

    Should be said that after patch 2.05 this dungeon is pretty much required now. I guess SE wanted it to have more traffic.

  4. Fitz Conrad says:

    I did Dzemael Darkhold and ranked up with my Grand Company, but Nedrick won’t unlock Amdapor Keep until Aurum Vale is complete. Aurum Vale is also required for the 2nd quested GC promotion (along with the 2nd tier of the hunting log).

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