Brayflox’s Longstop

Brayflox’s Longstop

I found a dragon

In Eastern La Noscea, just south of Wineport lies a village run by the goblin, Brayflox Alltalks.  Unfortunately for Brayflox, he has chosen to build his village in a very unfortunate place, the home of the Dragon, Aiatar.  The dragon has now overrun the area and the local fauna now threatens to devour the goblins.  Brayflox and his kin will (un)happily part with some treasure if you will save them from certain demise.

Brayflox’s Longstop is a level 32 dungeon with level sync maximum at 34.  The dungeon is quickly reached from Wineport which is right near the zoneline to Middle La Noscea.  This dungeon features a number of “fast response” events which trigger as you approach them.  Handling these events properly can greatly increase your treasure yield.

There are a number of obscured nooks throughout this dungeon.  Many of these nooks have either a goblin to save or a goblin encampment overrun by creatures.  Clearing these areas can result in extra treasure.  Indeed, a thorough clearing of Brayflox results in far more chests than any prior dungeon!

Trash Mobs

The non-boss encounters in Brayflox’s Longstop typically feature three monsters and generally include one creature with either AOE or cone attacks.  These fights can be quite painful and its a good idea to break out your Sleep spell during this dungeon.  Either have a THM pre-sleep a specific target, or use the CNJ ability to knockback (with Water) and then Sleep.  In either case, it is important that the party not break the slept creature until they are ready to engage him.


While I generally mark targets in FFXIV, I strongly recommend the use of marks in this instance.

Additionally, you will encounter roaming patrols of Swamp Pugil when you reach the river portion of the dungeon.  These pugil have long patrols and it is quite possible you will experience them roaming into your party.  Keep an eye out for these pugil and take care of them before engaging larger packs.

In the back part of the dungeon you will find packs of mobs which include one drake.  We recommend sleeping the drake and finishing off the easier Chasers.  The drake features a nasty cone fire attack and its just best to leave this aside until the other targets are removed.  For groups featuring Marauder tanks, using the CNJ knockback/sleep is ideal as it allows the MRD to dish out aoe enmity without breaking mez.

Bosses of Brayflox’s Longstop

The Great Yellow Pelican

Almost immediately after arriving in BL you face the first boss, the Great Yellow Pelican.  You encounter this monster behind a door after defeating your first two packs of trash mobs.  The pelican is a damage intense, but mechanically simple fight.

He just hits bloody hard.

Throughout the fight, packs of Violet Back join in.  Your party damage dealers need to switch immediately and dispatch these Backs.  They do not do significant damage to the dps, but can be overwhelming if left unattended.  Once dispatched, the damage dealers should return to the Great Yellow Pelican.

The Pelican himself drops a nasty poison on the tank.  He also has one long wind-up move that needs to be avoided.  Other than that, this is an attrition fight.  Who lasts longer, the Pelican or your CNJ mana pool?  The tank should make use of potions and defensive cooldown abilities to take some stress off the CNJ during this fight.

Saving Goblins

After defeating the Pelican, Brayflox joins you and asks you to save some of his kinsmen.  This moves the party into a goblin village where every goblin is empireled.  As you approach goblin huts, a goblin will spawn with a host of creatures attacking him (her? it?).  You only have a short few moments to acquire enmity and save the goblin from demise.

Succeed in saving the goblin and you win a chest which almost always has magical items.  Be warned, the goblins spawn when the first party member approaches.  Players who run ahead willy-nilly are likely to spawn, and cause the death of, numerous goblins.  Be certain to move as a team in this area.  However, once a goblin is spawned, rush to its aid.  You can heal goblins, though, which helps greatly in keeping them alive!

Inferno Drake

After saving, or attempting to save, the goblin village you find the second zone mini-boss, the Inferno Drake.  The battle arena for the drake is a large circle, with the players entering from the southern side.

The Inferno Drake is a standard drake fight.  He has a breath attack that should be avoided or interrupted.  Because of this cone attack  he should be faced away from the rest of the party.  About midway through the fight, Brayflox comes running into the battle arena chased by a small drake.  Pickup enmity to save Brayflox, kill the smaller drake and resume fighting the Inferno Drake.

At this point, Brayflox joins you fighting the Inferno Drake.  Brayflox will periodically acquire enmity on the target, forcing the tank to either use a Provoke or other move to acquire enmity.  Remember, the drake breathes fire, so get him turned quickly.


After traversing the water area of Brayflox’s Longstop, the party encounters Hellbender.  Hellbender is an eth mob with a trick or two up his sleeve.  In general, Hellbender fights like other Eth, he has a breath cone attack which should be avoided.

About halfway through the Hellbender fight he unveils his first trick.  Hellbender encases a random party member in bubbles.  This bubble places a number of serious debuffs on the target party member, including deadly poisons & paralyze–other members of the team need to quickly shift and attack the bubble to aid in freeing their teammate.  Depending on the speed of your damage dealing, you may encounter this feature more than once.

Keep clearing bubbles and working on Hellbender and you will quickly find him defeated.  But the fight isn’t yet complete!

Note: Some discussion at Reddit regarding the bubbles.  There’s some disagreement on what exactly the bubble does (e.g. full impair or paralyze style occasional impair).  Additionally you can target the bubble while inside it and damage it (which implies a paralyze impair effect).  Targeting the bubble from the outside can be irritating, you may want to consider “target next enemy” as a keybind to help in this fight.

Suprise, Dragon!

Hellbender’s second trick happens on his death.  The dragon Aiatar makes his first appearance.  This happens after a long mini-boss engagement and Aiatar comes in fast and furious.  The tank needs to quickly acquire enmity and position Aiatar so he can not breathe poison on the party.

Aiatar flees at about 50% health, leaving the party with Hellbender’s treasure.

Deep Jungle Coeurl

The final mini-boss of the Brayflox’s Longstop is the Deep Jungle Coeurl.  This creature is off to the left from the area leading to Aiatar’s chamber.  As such you might miss this creature, but you really should engage him.  He has a chance of leaving a chest with magical jewelry, a rare find in Eorzean dungeons!

The Coeurl fight is fairly straight forwards. He has one radius AOE attack which should be evaded by running out of the target circle.  Other than that he’s a fairly quick kill and a quick treasure chest.


Bosses in FFXIV:ARR really know how to make an entrance and Aiatar is no exception.  The big green dragon swoops down on you as you enter his lair.  As a green dragon, Aiatar plays out much as you would expect.

Aiatar’s primary attacks do not hit terribly hard. However, your healer is going to stay fairly busy in this fight taking care of cleansing poison.  Make use of Esuna as quickly as negative effects are placed.

Aiatar also has a nasty poison breath attack.  The tank should strafe around the dragon as soon as the dragon’s breath casting bar begins.  While I have blocked this ability using shield slam, it is easier to simply strafe away from it while continuing enmity rotations.

About midway through this fight, Aiatar adds a new attack.  He will periodically target a party member other than the tank and spit acid at them.  This attack leaves a green poison field on the ground as you can see in the right of the above screenshot.  This poison causes a healing effect to trigger upon Aiatar.  It is currently unclear if the heal triggers off Aiatar standing in the poison circle, or if the poison works as a health tap healing Aiatar whenever a player is damaged.  In either case, keeping everyone (including the dragon) out of the goo is a good idea.

The acid spit field remains persistent on the ground for several seconds.  It is important for party members to quickly get out of the green goo.  Additionally, your CNJ should use Esuna to cleanse any poison if needed.

 Note: Thanks to DrFuzzykins for a number of editorial corrections, including the name of the dragon!  I have a really hard time with the FFXIV font, that i looks like an l to me.  Even knowing its an I, I still see l.


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19 Responses to Brayflox’s Longstop

  1. Emaleth says:

    Very nicely put together, thank you!

  2. momopeach says:

    About half of the pics don’t seem to be loading for me unfortunately.

  3. Althurd says:

    For the last boss, you should note that the green goo on the ground not only does damage to people standing in it, but also heals the boss if he is left standing in it. The fight is pretty simple but it does test if your tank is awake. As long as you are dodging the breath attack (I prefer dodging over stunning because when the boss is casting an ability, its not attacking you), the boss is almost a bit too simple.

    • Alexia says:

      Ouch. I guess I’ve never been awake. I don’t remember him spitting that green goo at all. Ran the dungeon from 32-34, never once noticed it…I wonder why.

      • AelaAela says:

        hmm, that is odd. It is his primary fight mechanic. What roll were you playing? There is a chance it just never got spit at you? As the healer I was removing the poisons a lot.

        • Ryahl says:

          The times we have done this fight we have had one melee and one ranged damage dealer. In that limited experience, he seems to cast his toxic spit most frequently at ranged characters (CNJ and ARC in our runs). So, melee would be less likely to experience it.

          That also explains why I hadn’t seen the dragon healing properties referenced by Althurd earlier. I have only seen goo spit at a melee once and simply moved Alatar to let the Lancer have room to work. Good to know that it’s doubly important to move him.

          • James says:

            Running as PGL, PGL, CNJ, MRD, he was using the acid spit a ton. It could be possible that other group configurations would interrupt it a bit more so it isn’t seen.

            Our tank did mention he had never seen the acid spit before our run.

          • Althurd says:

            I saw the Acid Spit on all runs before the last weekend of Phase 3, but in about 5-6 runs on Saturday/Sunday the boss did not cast it once. It might be a case of Stun being applied at a certain time, or a similar bug / coding error that causes other bosses (like the last boss of halatali) to skip immunity phases etc.
            If the boss is standing in the goo the game gives you a big “Hey its healing the boss, you should move him” message so it should not be a big deal.

          • Drfuzzykins says:

            You probably didn’t notice the healing effect because it barely heals him at all. It seems to heal him less than the damage even one person in the group does. You can see his health tick up if you watch closely, though, as well as see the icon of the buff on the target window.

  4. Alexia says:

    In the drake fight, the drakes seem to do a fixation for a fixed period of time. I’ve tried numerous times (got my gladiator to 34 running Brayflox) using Provoke on the drakes (both big and the small add) when they’re fixating on the goblin, and they never turned back to me.

    • Ryahl says:

      I noticed this as well. In particular on the Inferno Drake, Brayflox seems to really get his attention. My hunch is that this is a deliberate aggro dump to see if you can cause lazy damage dealers to get caught up in a breath attack (since Brayflox also seems prone to terrible facing during his agro phase). I just stick to my enmity rotation and get him back fairly fast. I tried Provoke the first time and realized it wasn’t going to work that way.

      Silly Goblins!

  5. Az says:

    As mentioned above, whenever the goblin Bomb tosses, the boss aggros him no matter what. it’s impossible to peel hate off him, as the enmity bar says you have hate. After about 10-15 seconds the boss will turn back to you. Melee should run out from behind him in this case to avoid breath damage.

    Also, much like the Halitali final boss, a large % of the time the mechanics mess up. On this one often the dragon never spits poison and th Halitali boss doesnt go invincible or do the fire AoE, he just follows you while the adds spawn.

    On this guy, it’s best to just manually dodge breaths, you can stun them but it just uses your GCD and 150 tp

  6. Lioneil says:

    Inferno Drake can be put to sleep, this will trivialize the encounter when adds pop.

    On Aiatar, if your tank is frequently getting hit by the line aoe the healer WILL go OOM during the fight. Our tank was a second late moving on every cast. When she turned her graphics settings down she dodged every one. Keep this in mind if your tank is having trouble avoiding the attack.

  7. CBNYC says:

    Regarding the Acid on the Aiatar fight, the tank can be targeted sometimes, it seems to be a random chance of who is targeted.

  8. Cartry says:

    Final boss fight

    In my experience, a good way of dodging the frontal breath attack (that can hit the tank for a good half of his/her health) is to almost stand under the boss to the point of nearly turning him – then when it casts its frontal attack, run under/through the mob to dodge it. Return to original position and face it away from the mages when you’ve dodged it. Unless you stand in that position, it’s quite difficult to dodge it in time because it casts quick and you have to cover the ground in that time.

  9. MarzAttakz says:

    Don’t know if it’s just me but those poison puddles are sticking around for far longer than several seconds. One run tonight was like playing bloody checkers as almost the entire room was covered for the majority of the fight even after I asked the remaining members to hug her backside and circle left as I pulled her into a new position.

    Low dps and slow movement is a serious challenge in the last fight (guess that’s true for most encounters) as your healer slowly runs out of MP.

    Agree with what Cartry said, it’s the only way I can reliably avoid her breath attack on 200+ ms latency due to playing from Africa, what I’d give for serves in Europe.

    • Matt says:

      I agree, he also had the entire room green for me, except for on tiny line…and guess where he would use his line attacj. The green did not dissipate for the entire length of the fight, and there was nowhere to lead him to without healing him. It starts out with lots of area and quick green spots, but at about half health the green spots remain for much much longer.

      • Matt says:

        As for Hellbender bubble guy, I just kited (meaning ran around in complete circles to the point of ridiculous, throwing in a flash, shield lob, and rage of halone when he began casting), and he never hit anyone with a bubble. (I was the tank)., beat the guy in a very short time

        • Heidolf Grey says:

          Grabbing a bite before signing up for the Dungeon, gonna try this; Me as tank in front (of course..) and 3 others together behind it. Acid spit is cast on a random player, let’s assume one of the 3 behind. The Group of 3 behind it strafes left or right of the pool, staying together. Next time acid spit is cast, Group steps into the pool allready there, then steps back out. This way, room stays clean With only one pool, making it more easy to Control boss.

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