Cape Westwind

Cape Westwind Guide

The Beginning of the FFXIV:ARR Endgame

The final arc of the main story for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn begins with the assault on Cape Westwind.  Cape Westwind is located in Western Thanalan, just north of Vesper Bay.  During this mission, your team fights against Rhitahtyn Sas Arvina, one of Gaius’s Lieutenants.

Cape Westwind is an 8-person instance.  Using the Duty Finder this event requires 2-tanks, 2-healers and 4-dps.  However the mechanics of this fight are reasonably simple and depending on the item-level of the team you go in with, you can easily complete this fight without the optimal party composition.

This instance contains a single fight, against Rhitahtyn Sas Arvina, a large tank type boss with two large shield-formed arms.  There are three primary mechanics to watch out for in this fight:

Adds – at around 60% health, Rhitahtyn calls for help.  This brings in two adds, entering from the same doorway your party entered.  The off-tank should pick up these adds and the party should focus fire them down.

Firebomb – Rhitahtyn frequently drops firebombs in the fight.  These are persistent fire circles on the ground, avoid standing in these.

Missiles – Rhitahtyn aslo charges up a missile attack a few times during this fight.  When this happens the entire party needs to move to the opposite side of the battle arena.  In general, if the boss is positioned on the NW side when he charges his missile, everyone should move to the SE side.  Missiles seem to be tied to both his health level and a timer as we have had missiles go off back to back during this fight.

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