Color Your World: the Dye Quest in FFXIV:ARR

Color Your World

Unlocking Dye Ability

AKA: Where is the Orange Juice?

Running around Ul’Dah and Thanalan you may have witnessed dozens of people inquiring about orange juice.  No, the denizens of Thanalan aren’t all vitamin-C freaks, they are actually trying to unlock their ability to dye armor.  This guide walks you through the process of completing “Color Your World” and provides an overview of dye in FFXIV: A Realm Reborn.

Starting Color Your World

This quest is listed as a level 15 quest and is given out by Swyrgeim (phoenetically pronounced “Bob”) at Vesper Bay in Western Thanalan.  Vesper Bay is where you find the ferry to get from Thanalan to Limsa Lominsa and Syrgeim appears to be sitting waiting on the ferry.

Dye Quest

Swyrgeim lets you know that she’s patently offended by your choices of colors and offers to teach you how to color gear.  In addition to being offended by your fashion sense, Swyrgeim is also quite thirsty.  Bring her some orange juice and she’ll teach you all about coloring your armor.

While I believe that Culinarians can make orange juice and botanists can harvest oranges, you can quickly pickup orange juice from the Coffer and Coffin in Central Thanalan.  Travel to camp Black Brush.  The Alehouse Wench there sells orange juice for a couple of gil.

Coffer and Coffin

Bring the orange juice to Swyrgeim or bring it with you on your initial visit to save time.   Once you have completed the quest, Swyrgeim unlocks your Dye ability and gives you three colerant packs to practice with.

Dye 1

Using the Dye Ability

The Dye ability will be located in your actions and traits general menu (hit P, choose General, drag Dye to a hotbar).  This brings up the dye interface.  In Item Dying, you get a listing of all gear pieces eligible for dye and a color palette of all possible dye.  The actual colors you have access to will not have a red-x over them.  Choose the item you wish to color and click the dye button.  It’s pretty easy.

Dye 4

I am not sure who to credit for ownership, but over at imgur there is a nice compilation of the different colors available as of beta-3.

You can acquire new dye from vendors in the merchant strip as well as from crafters.  I would imagine, as the game progresses, most of the rarer colors will come from crafters (alchemists I believe) and will be accessible via the auction house (trade post) interface in town.

It appears that crafted items and “pink” quality dungeon gear can be colored, but “green” quality dungeon gear can not.  Quest gear in FFXIV:ARR is typically crafted gear anyway, so it should be eligible for coloration.


This guide has seen a lot of traffic and generated a number of questions here, on Reddit, and at the Lodestone.  I want to address some of the broader questions as bullets here.

1.  At this point, pink dungeon armor can be dyed but green dungeon armor can not.  It remains to be seen if this is by design or just a beta element.

2.  Dye colerant is consumed on each use.  To dye three items you need three stacks of colerant.

3.  At the moment items can receive only a single shade of dye.  There are no items, that I have seen, that allow 2-panel or 3-panel dye on a single item.  Given the way the UI works, it is unlikely that items have more than one dye-panel.


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8 Responses to Color Your World: the Dye Quest in FFXIV:ARR

  1. Shane Mott says:

    A useful imgur list of all the dye colors used on armor

  2. Chris says:

    Swyrgeim lets you know that she’s patently offended by your choices of colors

    Of course she was offended. I was too. It was like the quest rewards purposely doled out an outfit that had every color of the rainbow, none of which coordinated.

  3. Casszune says:

    Great guide. Still confused on 1 thing though.

    Is Swyrgeim really phoenetically pronounced “Bob”? O_O

  4. trav says:

    “Bob” is a woman.

  5. Joshua says:

    Is there anyway you can add where we obtain the dyes from? i know you get a few from the quest but what about the other coloros or after you use those up?

    • Ryahl says:


      There is a dye merchant in the market ward area of each city (I believe, I know there is one in Ul’Dah). However, there are also dyes that can only be crafted. I’m just starting to learn about the crafted dyes, expect a new entry about that soon!

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