FFXIV:ARR Guide to Leveling with FATEs

FATEs – Information and Location Guide

[Note - This is a section from our more detailed leveling guide.  It is also a work in progress, and details out information I have located while running around the world.  If you would like to add any region information, please comment to this page below!]

FATE stands for Fully Active Time Event and represents the Square-Enix take on dynamic content.  FATEs are events that spawn semi-randomly throughout the world, allowing all players in a region to participate–and awarding exp, coin, and GC Seals (for more info on GCs, check out our GC info page).   Difficulty of FATEs varies substantially–by level, player involvement, as well as general difficulty.  Some FATEs are just harder than others.  Each FATE, however grants rewards based on your involvement in the event.  The best way to level off FATEs is to grab some friends, form a group (up to 8 man) and work together to grind out your rewards.  Even on a competitive night (a lot of other groups out in the area) you can get large amounts of exp and GC Seals by grinding out fates.


Knowing where to go to do FATEs is the secret to doing this well, however.  Each zone has different fates, active at different times.

Luckily, however, FATEs spawn in the same level range as the Guildleves for the region.  You can use the same listing from above to determine great ideas to grind XP at any level.  While this list is not yet complete, I will be adding to it as I open each area of the map and progress though the game.  The levels given below are general, and range.  However it will give you a good idea of starting points for each level bracket.

FATE Location Guide

Limsa Lominsa – La Noscea

  • Red Rooster Steed – Lower La Noscea – Level 5
  • Summerford Farms – Middle La Noscea  – Level 5 (far north side of zone is low teens)
  • Swiftperch – Western La Noscea – Level 10
  • Aleport – Western La Noscea – level 15
  • Moraby Drydocks – Lower La Noscea – Level 20-25
  • Costa del Sol – Eastern La Noscea – Level 30-35
  •  Wineport – Eastern La Noscea – Level 30-35
  • Camp Bronze Lake - Upper La Noscea -
  • Camp Overlook – Outer La Noscea – level 34
  • Past South Tide Gate – Western La Noscea – Level 45

Gridania – The Black Shroud

  • The Bannock – Central Shroud – Level 5
  • Hyrstmill - North Shroud – Level 5
  • Bentbranch Meadows – Central Shroud – Level 10
  • Hawthorne Hut – East Shroud – Level 15 & 20
  • Quarrymill – The South Shroud – Level 20
  • Camp Tranquil – The South Shroud – Level 30
  • Fallgourd Float - North Shroud – Level 25-30 to the West & 35-45 to the North

Ul’Dah – Thanalan

  • Scorpion Crossing – Western Thanalan – Level 5
  • Horizon - Western Thanalan – Level 10
  • Camp Drybone – Eastern Thanalan – Level 15
  • Little Ala Mhigo – Southern Thanalan – Level 25
  • Forgotten Springs – Southern Thanalan – Level 30
  • Camp Bluefog – Northern Thanalan – level 40
  • Ceruleum Processing Plant – Northern Thanalan – level 48+


  • First Dicastrial Observatorium of Aetherial and Astrological Phenomena - Coerthas Central Highlands – Level 35
  • Camp Dragonhead - Coerthas Central Highlands – Level 35-40
  • Whitebrim - Coerthas Central Highlands – 40-45

Mor Dhona

  • Revenant’s Toll – Mor Dhona – Level 46+
  • Saint Coinach’s Find – Mor Dhona – Level 46+
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13 Responses to FFXIV:ARR Guide to Leveling with FATEs

  1. Super Teet says:

    It’s probably worth mentioning that you can level to 50 at Dragonhead running with the “zerg” FATE groups. So many of them pop up in that location that you can easily get 200k+ an hour plus tons of guild seals. We normally have 4-8 FATE groups roaming that area each night for XP.

  2. Deathgasm says:

    For me that’s the worst aspect of this game.
    But at the same time, I like the fact some enjoy fast leveling this way.

    Problem is for those not in this roaming bands, for x legit reason, there’s rarely the time to finish a cast on a mob before it melts.
    Tagging and leaving others finishing appears as smart at best but as a leech plague at worst and here you feel the corruption.

    For the moment I evaluate that FATE system as a XP exploit SE should really look at again.
    Also, sometimes you’re in the middle of nowhere with no one around and suddenly a FATE pops straight in front of you and not even two seconds later there’s a full raid on it… How they come that fast is beyond arcanist’s calculations.

    • AelaAela says:

      I think XP in dungeons should be boosted to equal out somewhat and make using the dungeons viable. For fates, the fights some become more difficult per mob based on the number of people, not just make it a larger AOE spam fest. As it stands, the mobs get more and more numerous, which just means they AOE down for more XP for the AOE fighter, and makes no real increase in difficulty.

      • Deathgasm says:

        How god no, don’t boost xp on dungeons, leveling is already too fast, and I like to full stuff my toons for all roles, so no way. No nerf FATE xp, that’s the problem, SE must do not report problem of FATE on something other, so nerf XP, because now, dungeons are empty, people are mindless roaming. It’s shame but FATE system is killing the group gameplay actually hence the game, that’s the failure.
        Also now that there are Gil sellers spamming every minutes, plus, that ALT+TAB crash, I won’t renew my subscription because of these 3 things for sure.

    • Chris Fischer says:

      I agree that having dozens of people swarming on every FATE like a horde of locusts makes them less fun. It’s quick, easy XP, sure, but there’s no thinking involved. It’s just “get there as quick as you can and spam whatever action will get you the highest contribtion”. NM FATEs are a little better, since the mob doesn’t die before you have a chance to get more than a hit, maybe two on them.

      I hope that, at some point, there will be a happy medium between the zergfests that FATEs are right now and how FATEs were in Phase 3, where so many times you wanted to do a FATE (particularly an NM FATE), but there was no one else around.

      I was actually shocked the other day to do an entire FATE with just one other random person. It was a multi-mob one where we were actually able to pull one or two at a time without the whole mess swarming us. It was fun.

      • AelaAela says:

        I definitely agree. The fates become harder as more folks are around, thus in the “multi-mob” fates, you end up with 1000 low hp creatures with any AOE class just nuking them all down for full reward. I wish they had made each individual mob scale with difficulty as more folks are around, instead of just increasing them number. If everything dies within the first round of combat, it doesn’t matter if there are 10 or 40 creatures, really. It just makes it more frustrating for non-AOE classes.

  3. flyingman says:

    Moraby Drydocks Fates more like 10 to 15

  4. daemon9 says:

    I don’t think the FATEs at Camp Bluefog are Level 40. I’m pretty sure that entire zone is 49-50 >.>

  5. Shadow says:

    when you are in a group do you get credit for the amount of damage your group does or is it an individual basis? and if it is individual… whats the point of doing it in groups?

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