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FFXIV First 15 Guides

Eorzea Reborn’s FFXIV First 15 builds are based on an idea we used in the Secret World, where our My First 60 builds are still quite popular.  These are guides for new players trying out new classes.  A FFXIV First 15 guide emphasize your early levels with the class, specifically focusing on getting you ready for your first dungeon runs.

Each of our First 15′s will give you a quick overview of a class.  In that overview we offer a listing of abilities and traits, suggest a combat rotation, offer insights into useful cross-class abilities, and provide an example of a sample macro for the class.

Disciples of War

Disciples of Magic

Disciples of the Land & Hand can be found at the Crafting & Harvesting Landing Page

Cross Class Abilities

Besides the benefit of having an extra class available to play, leveling up classes in FFXIV actually pays a dividend to your primary adventuring class.  This occurs through the cross class ability system.

Every character class, whether it’s your primary or not, can slot abilities from the other classes you have leveled up.


  • some class abilities (e.g. Gladiator’s Rampart) are class specific and can’t be cross-slotted
  • you have restrictions on how many abilities you can slot
    • no cross-classing until you unlock multiple classes
    • 1 ability prior to level 10
    • 2 abilities prior to level 20
    • 3 abilities at level 20
    • more as you progress higher
  • you can’t slot traits
  • class abilities which are trait enhanced (e.g. Conjurer’s Raise) will only slot over at their basic level

Using Cross-Class Abilities

  1. Open your ability and trait window (P by default)
  2. Choose other ability menu
  3. Select the class which you wish to draw abilities from
  4. select the ability you wish to cross-class by filling in the small box beside the ability
  5. Drag the cross-class slotted ability from the bottom UI boxes to your hotbar
  6. Use cross-class abilities in macros just as you would your class abilities

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