FFXIV:ARR – Newbie Tips

Newbie Tips for FFXIV:ARR



There are a lot of things in ARR that will be new (or non-obvious) for players new to MMOs, as well as seasoned MMO players.  Over the course of this page, we’ll try and give as much advice as possible.  

For a Full listing of our guides that address new player questions, please see our New Player Information FAQ and Link Page.

First off, i wanted to say that we highly recommend you do NOT shut off your player tips at the start of the game.  They give you a lot of information that will be useful going forward.  If you encounter a game mechanic and think “Wow, it would have been nice for them to have told us that!”, there is a fairly good chance they did in the tips windows.

  • Alt-R is reply (I put this as #1 for a reason…)  [edit - In Beta 4 /r works too]

  • NEW TIPS [Beta 4]

    • Resizeable UI ELEMENTS:  Go into HUD Layout.  Then click on the Minimap and press Ctrl-Home to increase mini-map size.

    • You can swap between builds by creating a button in your UI.  Once you have saved a build, move the small icon next to the build number to your Gear Set List to a key!

    • You can also “Share” hotbars with your other classes (lock them). It is under Character Config > Hotbar Settings > Hotbar Sharing. (source)

    • Activate Auto-sort Inventory!   This makes it so any NEW items gained automatically go into different bags.  Character Configuration > Control Settings > Character Tab > Auto-sort Inventory [on]

    • You can move the chat window by clicking on the word “General” and holding down.

  • Remember to log out in a sanctuary.  The cities are not sanctuaries.  Your inn room and many of the larger quest hub locations count as sanctuaries. By logging out in a sanctuary you gain rested XP.  (To easily tell if you are in a sanctuary, look at your XP bar. If there’s a moon icon on it, you’re in a sanctuary.)
  • Rested XP is based off a percentage of a level.  If you log in and have a full bar of rested xp with your level 25 character, then swap over to a level 1 to craft for awhile, the rested XP will expire when you hit level 2!  You MUST remember this in order to keep from wasting your rested xp.
  • Leve allowances accumulate over time.  You gain 3 per 12 hours automatically.  It is in your best interest to open them as quickly as possible once starting your character.   (You will continue to accumulate Guildleves during server-downtime!).  You open Guildleves by completing a quest given to you once you finish the level 9 portion of the main story line.
  • You can run between two of the starting cities! (We have done it at level 1)  Just remember to hit the Crystals and Chocobo NPCs along the way.
    • The path between Gridania & Uldah is:  Central Shroud, South Shroud,  East Thanalan, Central Thanalan
    • You can get to and from Limsa Lominsa via the boat in Vesper Bay in Western Thanalan.  (NOTE:  The price for the boat trip is 200 gil, however is only accessible after you finish your level 15 quest.  Therefore you can not get into or out of LL until 15th at this point in time).
    • Remember, the first chocobo keeper you reach in the region of the city you are approaching can take you the rest of the way quickly and safely.  So, if you are travelling from Gridania to Ul’Dah, you only have to get to Camp Drybone in Eastern Thanalan.  From there you can chocobo the rest of the way.
  • When you click on an Aetherite crystal you are bound to, you get the option to make it a “favorite” destination (or something similar).  You can set up to 3 favorite destinations.  Whenever you port to one of these, you will be charged 50% of the normal teleport cost.
  • You can click on the NPC target icon over the NPC and activate them, useful for crowds of players.   You can also hold CTRL to remove the ability to target players  [CTRL does not currently work in Beta 4]

  • If an NPC/quest update is in the same zone as you, your mini-map will have a green check mark in their direction.  Open your map to view specific locations.

  • You can hand over quest items to an NPC by right clicking on the icon in the turn in window.  No need to scroll through your inventory

  • Quests or levequests which require you to use an object will place a button for that item on your Duty list. [edit - in Beta 4 you also get an interact window similar to the point above]

  • Once you complete your first class quest, you get your Hunting Log (H).  This provides a set of XP bonuses for killing creatures in an appropriate level range.  If you find you run out of things to do as you level, this is likely something you missed.  In beta 4 you might consider skipping your hunting log to save the XP to gain after the level cap has dropped.  [In Beta 4 the hunting log is capped at 19]

  • As you run though the city, you visit Aetherite binding crystals.  Once you open all the crystals for a city you gain the ability to teleport directly to the outside of the city gates.
    • Example:  To unlock Blue Badger & Yellow Serpent gates in Gridania you must first open:
      • Aetheryte Plaza
      • Archer’s Guild
      • Botanist Guild
      • Conjurer’s Guild
      • Lancer Guild
      • Leatherworker’s Guild
      • Mih Khetto’s Amphitheater
  • Making a new chat window:

    • Click the plus sign below the chat window
    • Name the new tab
    • Use the gearbox below the chat window to assign text to the new window
    • Remember you can change the color of the text in settings.  Since you can be in upto 8 Linkshells at once (/l, /l2, /l3, etc) changing their color is helpful.
  • Combat Interface – As you battle monsters you will notice a few things about combat.
    • First, there are “Arch Signals” (arrows that fly between targets during combat).  These signify a few things.
      • Red arc from monster to PC – Agro change
      • Blue arc from PC to monster – initiating combat
      • Yellow arc from monster to monster – indicates linking
    • Also, there are little letters next to the creatures name.  This is a identifier for the creature, allowing you to easily communicate with your team mates a specific mob.  These letters run A-Z, then start back over with A once you finish the alphabet.  There is no other point of this tag, however all team members will see the same alpha-tag as you do on each creature.
    • There are two built in aggro meters.  For more information about these aggro meters, please check out our Enmity Guide. [The party agro meters are colored icons now.  Small green = low.  Yellow = med, Orange  = High, and Red = Full]
    • When a creature is activating a large special ability, you will see a “action windup” next to the target window.  While the creature is activating an ability, they will not turn or move.  You should strafe out of their frontal arch to avoid being hit by the attack.
    • Some early deadly encounters will have creatures that use attacks will poison you.  Make sure you carry some antidotes, and keep an eye on your effects indicator to see if you are poisoned.
  • You can slot abilities from other classes, but you have to get your first character to level 10 to unlock the ability to multi-class.  Once you do that, you can immediately cross class slot one ability from classes you  have already leveled.  This is restricted to specific abilities from other classes (generally not the attack skills).  You get a new cross-class ability slot roughly every 5 levels.  Because of this, it is a good idea to play around with other classes.  IMO one of the best use of this slot at low levels is for Protect.  Conjurer gets Protect (defensive buff) at level 8, this is a good thing to acquire and slot in while leveling other classes.  Check out our class guide for more information about cross class slotting.

  • The Parasite Cleave Issue – any quest which requires summoning an interactable item, you can not have multiple up at once, each person using the item interrupts the others.  Therefore if you are working in a group keep this in mind while completing leves and missions.

  • Retainer

    • Progression through the main story line will open up your ability to use a retainer.  Your retainer will allow you to buy and sell on the auction, as well as grant you extra storage.
    • To summon your retainer you must visit a summoning bell.  These are located in your inn room & in the market ward area of the cities.
    • When moving items to a retainer, moving down (below 0) moves the stack to the maximum possible


(NOTE:  This is it for now, keep in mind, this is a Work-in-Progress and will update it further as i have time.  The list is primarily from information we gathered early in beta3)

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33 Responses to FFXIV:ARR – Newbie Tips

  1. uhsieh says:

    To easily tell if you are in a sanctuary (for rested XP bonus), take a look at your XP bar. If there’s a moon icon on it, you’re in a sanctuary.

  2. New patch notes /r is also reply.

  3. Typo says:

    “Example: To unlock Blue Badger & Yellow Serpent gates in LL you must first open:”
    This should be Gridania instead of Limsa

  4. Dan Udey says:

    All you have to do is get to a chocobo keeper in the area where your destination city is (e.g. Thanalan for Ul’dah, Shroud for Gridania) and they’ll let you chocobo straight to the capital city. Saves you a whole lot of running.

    • Ryahl says:

      Thanks Dan, I added a bullet clarifying that. It’s written out in most of our longer guides, but wasn’t stated here on the newbie tips!

  5. Shmi says:

    I’ve heard this a few times. Anyone know if it’s true?

    “Any sanctuary starts earning you bonus xp while you’re in there. Only an Inn does it while you’re offline. Go idle/afk in a camp. But if you’re logging out, do so in an Inn.”

  6. MarzAttakz says:

    If you are running between cities it’s a good idea not to waste your sprint and only use it when you gain aggro on something that’ll easily turn you into red mush or sprint when you’re sure the path (you are sticking to the road right?) is clear.

    Thanks for the list Aela!

  7. Cuddleybuns says:

    “Example: To unlock Blue Badger & Yellow Serpent gates in LL you must first open:”

    I think you mean Gridinia?

  8. Anon_Helper says:

    Just thought you should know to help you out since your helping us out. Your title tag has a typo in it. “FFIXVAAR” Should be “FFXIVAAR” Just will help you with Google SEO linking.

  9. WKM says:

    Good guide but two things to correct.
    1) Aetheryte city ports that your listed are for Gridania not Limsa Lominsa.
    2) As of Beta 3 you get your first cross class skill slot at lvl 3, then 10, 15 etc. Guessing to give you another skill quickly at low lvls where it can be ~3 button affair.

    • Ryahl says:

      Fixed #1

      With #2, that’s correct, but you have to get your first class to level 10 to unlock the other classes. At that point you definitely can begin taking advantage of cross class slotting.

  10. Emaleth says:

    Hey guys, another awesome guide! I just wanted to confirm in Beta 3, I did not have to hit level 5 before Hunting Log was available, it unlocks as soon as the first class quest is completed for any class.

  11. Justin says:

    Holding CTRL doesn’t seem to remove the ability to select players as of Beta 4 (unless I’m somehow doing it wrong, haha).

  12. Eredar says:

    Any way to move the chat window?

  13. Sepia says:

    Just wanted to mention that I was no longer able to buy a boat ticket to Limsa Lominsa in beta phase 4.

  14. BoZ says:

    Thx for your guides, it helped me greatly, 2 tips i wish to share about the HUD configuration

    CTRL+DRAG element allow you to snap it to others element
    SHIFT+DRAG element allow you to snap it to grid

    For thoses like me who like neat UI, i think it’ll be helpfull :)

    Keep up the good work !

  15. jj says:

    If you set protect, use it, then swap it out for another ability, you get to keep the buff for the full timer.

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