Fishing Leves

FFXIV Fishing Leve

This is a starting listing of the Fishing Leve options in FFXIV:ARR.  The (x3) listing next to the fish type details that it is a triple turn-in leve.  Some of the early leves were also triple turn in, however I failed to label them as such.

(This is not complete.)

Fishing Level 1 – LL, Bismark – Merlthor Gobies, Malm Kelp, Lominsan anchovies, Finger Shrimp

Fishing Level 5 – LL, Bismark – Coral Butterfly, Sea Cucumbers (x3), Ocean Cloud, Harbor Herring (x3)

Fishing Level 10 – Swiftperch – Tiger Cod, Pebble Crab, Moraby Flounder (x3), Harbor Herring (x3)

Fishing Level 15 – Aleport.  Razor Clam, Helmet Crab (x3), Rothlyt Osyter (x3), White Coral (x3)

Fishing Level 20 – Quarrymill – Copperfish, Black Eel, Fairie Bass (x3), Dark Sleeper (x3)

Fishing Level 25 – Quarrymill – Black Ghost, Five-ilm Pleco (x3), Dark Bass (x3), Yugr’am salmon

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One Response to Fishing Leves

  1. Striveldt says:

    If you fish at the river just south of Quarrymill for maybe an hour with level 20 bait or lures, you’ll have enough Copperfish, Fairie Bass, and Dark Sleepers to net you several levels. Not to mention the HQ bonuses. I went 18-24 there in about an hour and a half.

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