FFXIV:ARR Guide to Goldsmithing Leves

Goldsmith Leves – Details

Turn in Items for Each Grouping

I wanted to put together a listing of known crafting leves.  This page is specific to the Goldsmith.  For full listing of all crafting classes, please visit our Crating Leve Page.  This isn’t a complete listing (yet) as I we are not fully leveled up in all crafting classes.  Anyone with information about other classes, feel free use this form to add any missing information.

(Note:  This is a work in progress from the information we have gathered in game)

The asterisk means it can be repeated for full reward three times.  The repeatable leves start at level 20, and typically require 3 crafts per turn in.  Once you turn in the items, the NPC will offer to allow you to turn in additional items.  You can select yes, no, or let me choose later.  If you pick yes, you can still exit out of the trade and complete them later.

For a listing of Field Leves (outside of the city) see our Travel and Leve Map

Goldsmith Leves (The Leve NPC is located in Ul’Dah):

  • Level 1:  Copper Wristlet & Copper Ingot
    • Scorpion Crossing, Western Thanalan - Bone Hora & Bone Staff
  • Level 5:  Copper Earrings, & Ramhorn Claws, Bone Necklace (@Scorpion Crossing, Western Thanalan)
    • Scorpion Crossing, Western Thanalan - Copper Ring & Bone Armilae
  • Level 10:  Copper Ear Cuffs, & Fang Earrings, Decorated Bone Staff (@Horizon, Western Thanalan)
    • Horizon, Western Thanalan - Amateur’s Needle & Brass Gorget
  • Level 15:  Brass Wristlets of Crafting, & Brass Ring, Brass Circlet (sunstone)
    • Camp Drybone, Eastern Thanalan - Brass Ring of Crafting & Bat Fang Needle
  • Level 20:  Decorated Copper Scepter (3*), Coral Ring, Wind Brand (@Quarrymill, South Shroud)
    • Quarrymill, South Shroud - Brass Ear Cuffs & Brass Ring (3*)
  • Level 25:  Silver Magnifiers (3*), Silver Ring, & Fluorite Ring (@Quarrymill, South Shroud)
    • Quarrymill, South Shroud - Horned Necklace & Toothed Staghorn Staff (3*)
  • Level 30:
    • Costa del Sol, Eastern La Noscea -
  • Level 35:
    • The Observatory, Coerthas -
  • Level 40:
    • Whitebrim, Coerthas -
  • Level 45:

    • Saint Coinach’s Find, Mor Dhona -
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One Response to FFXIV:ARR Guide to Goldsmithing Leves

  1. Thatguy says:

    For the 20-25 leve, stick with Brass Rings, if you can HQ them it’s around 20K a turn in, and it is WAY cheaper/faster to make than the Toothed Staghorn Staff for the next three turn-in. I might keep on rolling with it too.

    Also, when at Costa del Sol, it’s 3 pairs of Malachite Earings or One Silver Choker. So from your level 30 GSM quest, keep the earings you didn’t proc HQ on for this, I guess.

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