Guildhest Overview

Guildhest refers to a game system designed for quick group experiences.  A pair of guildhest are available every five levels, beginning with level 10.  Unlocking them requires completing level 10 and finishing a leve quest (not guildhest) at the level 10 camp in your starting city.  It is unclear if this is the levequest is still a requirement with Duty Finder added in Beta-3.  However, in Beta-3, prior to Duty Finder, you needed to complete a level 10 leve introductory quest before Guildhest unlocked.

Guildhest in the Duty Finder

Your level 10 guildhest are designed to teach basic grouping mechanics.  For experienced MMO players, these are quite easy and may leave you a bit jaded about them.  Even so, for new players these are worthwhile skills and the guildhest progression does a nice job of introducing major mechanics for bosses in upcoming dungeons.

Players of all skill levels are encouraged to play through Guildhest.  You need to complete early ones to unlock later ones.  Also, your first completion of a Guildhest awards a rather significant bonus XP, making it very easy to progress through levels.  Additionally, later ones start to provide challenging encounters for even experienced MMO players.  Further, it stands to reason that systems like Hamlet will be rolled into Guildhest, meaning they will have a role in end-game play.

The level 10 guildhest require a four-person light party.  They are entered through your Duty Finder, accessed through the button on your mini-menu.  If you are alone, the Duty Finder will find you a suitable group with one tank (Marauder or Gladiator), one healer (Conjurer for now), and two DPS (all other classes).

If you have a four person group, your party leader can initiate guildhest using the Duty Finder.  In this case, a balanced light party is not required.  If you bring your own four players, you can have whatever combination of roles you like present.  Note, this is only true with four players, a three person group has to still pull a random person from Duty Finder, so role balance is enforced.

Guildhest are timed events, with the early ones requiring a 30-minute completion.  In no way is this needed for all levels, you will easily complete early challenges in a few minutes.

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