Halatali to you too

A guide to the Halatali instance

In the southern reaches of Eastern Thanalan lies the ruins of an ancient coliseum.  The Immortal Flames need assistance clearing the dungeon of its very powerful denizens.  Welcome to Halatali, subligar not required.

Halatali is a level 20 dungeon and has a maximum level of 22.  Players above that level will have Level Sync enacted, turning them to 22nd level for the run.  As with prior dungeons, Halatali is intended for a Light Party of 4-persons.  The instance has a 90 minute timer, which provides ample time to complete the instance.  Unlike prior instances, there are few side rooms beyond a hallway or two.

You must have the appropriate side quest to access Halatali the first time.  This side quest is taken out in Vesper Bay (Western Thanalan) from Nedrick Ironheart near the docks.  You must, therefore, have completed the three introductory dungeons and advanced the story line to meeting the Scions before entering Halatali.  We have verified that the Halatali access quest does not open up until after Minifilia sends you to visit Mutamix in Central Thanalan.

Additionally, Halatali has a number of monsters that are part of the Immortal Flames Hunting Log, so it is worthwhile to complete joining a Grand Company before entering this zone.

Enter the Ludus

The dungeon is based on a gladiator coliseum theme, with the players navigating their way into the depths of the coliseum where the fiercest monsters were kept.  Along the way the party will encounter a number of chains which can be pulled.

Halatali entrance


Sometimes these will release monsters and sometimes they will drop treasure chests.  We can confirm that these are purely random encounters as we have seen the same chains drop different things (monsters/treasure) on consecutive runs.  Further, we have observed that the monsters which spawn are somewhat random as well, finding different monster packs on subsequent chain pulls (on different trips).

Most of the early fights involve packs of Imps and Doctore.  These are easy fights, made even easier if you dodge the periodic frontal attacks from the Doctore.  The main challenge in the early going is the wandering Bombs.  Bombs are not part of the typical encounters, you can observe that there are no linking lines between bombs and nearby packs.

You can wait and solo pull bombs rather than risk having them add in during pack fights.  The primary damage component from Bombs is their self-destruct.  If engaged, and left alive long enough, Bombs will explode killing anyone within the red circle radius.  Unfortunately, during both of our trips into Halatai we observed that there are clear network synching errors at play.  Players can die thinking they are well outside of a bomb circle, however to other players in the party the dead teammate looks like they are still inside the circle.  You are best served just killing Bombs fast and missing the explosion entirely!


The first boss you encounter in Halatai is the Fire Elemental, Firemane.  Firemane’s battle arena is a large circular chamber with a fire pit in the center.  Gated, cage doors encircle the chamber with small passages visible through each.  The fire pit and the gates are key aspects of the Firemane encounter.

Firemane Beginning


Firemane himself is a reasonably low damage boss.  His real power comes from the added creatures he summons throughout the fight.  After a few combat rounds, the gates around the battle arena lift and various fire wisps begin trecking into the arena.

These Damantus and Noxius wisps do not engage the party.  Rather, they make a straight path towards the lit fire pit in the center of the room.  Should the wisps reach the pit, they explode, dealing damage to the entire battle arena.  Fortunately, the wisps have relatively few hitpoints.  Ranged DPS can be dispatched so that they can keep a number of wisps from ever reaching the fire pit.

Firemane ADDS

The tank should continue fighting Firemane and DPS should shift back to Firemane as time permits.  Keep it up and you will drop Firemane in fairly short order and loot his treasure chest.  Once you have done this, the firepit turns into an Aetherial Flow, click on the flow to be teleported deeper into the dungeon.

Aetherial Flow


Thunderclap Guivre

The next section of the dungeon is stocked with mantis and snake type monsters.  You will find a number of Chain Winch’s in this section which will, again, have random loot or monster spawns.  You need to activate 5 of these winches to progress to the Hall of Secutores where you meet the second boss of the dungeon.

Thunderclap Guivre is a lightning drake standing in the middle of a puddle of water.  Water and electricity seems like a bad idea, we pull him over to the ramp to fight him.  As one might expect with drakes, he does have a lightning breath (cone) attack.  This can be interrupted using combat actions, dodged by running behind him, or simply absorbed by the tank as it does only moderate damage.

Thunderclap Entrance

Thunderclap’s real mechanic is his invulnerability stage.  At three points during the fight, Thunderclap runs back to the center of his battle arena and enters an invulnerable state.  He then spawns several waves of lightning elementals.  These elementals track into the party, dishing out Thunder damage as they come in.  They have few hitpoints and are easily dispatched.  Destroy these waves and Thunderclap returns for more fun.

Each time we have fought Thunderclap, we have received a double treasure payout.  Whether this is by design, random, or tied to some other in-dungeon achievement is unknown at this time.  Once again, upon defeating the boss, take the Aetherial Flow for a teleport deeper into the dungeon.

Suprise Peiste

The next wing of the dungeon is relatively short with a fairly compressed set of fights.  Several bombs circle a ringed arena with a large barred door nearby.  In the center of the arena is a treasure chest.  Surrounding the chest are two pairs of Rudius Beak and a few unattached Bombs.  As before, the Bombs wander.

We generally pull the first pair of Rudius Beaks down into the hallway you entered from.  This seems to trigger a roaming Bomb behind you, but that is easily picked up and countered.  After that, we pull the loose Bombs in the treasure room.  Only then do we enter the circular arena to pickup the remaining pair of Rudius Beaks.

Surprise Pieste

Entering the arena triggers an extra boss.  This Pit Peiste is an optional boss, but hey he’s got his treasure sitting there waiting for you to loot.  Give the tank a moment to acquire all agro.  Once this is accomplished, burn down the Rudius Beaks and the Peiste.  Loot your treasure and you are ready for the dungeon’s final boss.


Not only is the final boss, Tangata, a real looker, he’s also loaded with charm and wit to boot.  I mean just look at those horns, that tail, the dripping lava.

Tangata Entrance


Tangata’s battle arena is a circular chamber.  Tangata has a nasty cone frontal attack.  This should be positioned to avoid DPS and healers.  The tank can absorb it, block it, or dodge behind it as needed.  As a Gladiator, the attack packs a wallop but isn’t deadly.  I imagine it would be painful for Marauders who should avoid the attack.

The mechanics for this fight are reminiscent of the Firemane and Thunderclap fights.  At several stages in the fight, Tangata acts just like Thunderclap and goes invulnerable, bathing in a pool of lava which does environmental damage to anyone standing in it.

At the same time, he also echoes the Firemane mechanic summoning in a series of Fire Wisps.  Damantus and Noxious Wisps behave exactly as they did in the Firemane fight, they make a beeline towards Tangata and explode on impact.

However, there are also Fire Sprite creatures in the mix.  These enter the arena with the Damantus and Noxious Wisps.  Fire Sprites attack the party, usually focusing on the healer.  In our experience, three Fire Sprites are summoned during each invulnerable stage.  They do not come in at the same time, though and there may be gaps of time without a Fire Sprite if your DPS is quite high.

When the three Fire Sprites are dispatched, Tangata becomes attackable again and the fight progresses.  Have DPS work down the Damantus as much as possible, have the tank and healer stack together and dispatch wisps.  Return to Tangata, rinse, repeat, win.

Tangata Win

Following Halatali, players move on to The Thousand Maws of Toto Rak.  Toto Rak has a level 23 entry requirement, though, so you may need to spend some time adventuring before heading over to TTR.

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5 Responses to Halatali

  1. Alexia says:

    For Firemane, ignore adds. At least for its current tuning. While the adds do an AOE, their AOE range is so small that I don’t feel anything when I went their as conjurer. Just focus fire on Firemane. The tank was the only one whose health was “dripping” due to attacks from Firemane, even as the adds do their AOE effect that looks so strong on the screen. I suspect it’s a bug, though. I do aero and a few stones and only drop a Cure every now and then on the tank to top him up to 100%.

    The Peiste can and should be (why not) pulled over by itself. It’s not linked to the other two Rudius Beaks.

    Damantus doesn’t have fixed phases. In one fight for me he didn’t even go into invulnerability at all. Again I suspect the wisps are bugged as they don’t do AOE large enough to hit any party member, nor are their damage even noticeable when I healed it as conjurer. So DPS should just watch out for the Sprites, take them out and continue to focus fire on Damantus.

    As healer, this place is probably easier to heal than the three 15~17 dungeons. Again, hopefully due to the fire wisps being bugged. I spend more time throwing Stone than casting Cure.

  2. Looks good, I like it. This was a very interesting instance to run, doesn’t waste a whole lot of time and yet it is satisfying to run. the guide is great.

    5 STAR Guide

  3. Dark Vincent says:

    I’m going off by memory here, so I might be mistaken, but one thing worth mentioning is that you can actually stun Tangata before he summons the pool of lava.

    • Ryahl says:

      I had a hunch that’s the case, which might explain why some see the invulnerable stage and some don’t.

  4. Jomiel says:

    I did Halatali as 31 conj and was capped to level 23.

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