Harvesting T1 to T4: La Noscea

Mining and Botany in La Noscea

Harvesting Grade 1 Carbonized Material!

As of Beta-3, Limsa Lominsa is not home to any Disciple of the Land guild, a fact which will change in Beta-4.  However, the La Noscea region is home to an array of botany and mining harvesting starting with T2 (level 10).  Most importantly for the budding harvester, La Noscea is currently the only region with Grade 1 Carbonized Material needed for Materia.

Lower La Noscea

Lower La Noscea has a trio of nodes available one at level 10, level 15 and level 20 respectively.  These nodes are the only ones which provide their yield and should be important for stocking culinarians.

Middle La Noscea

Middle La Noscea carries two node locations, a level 15 Botany area and a level 20 Mining area.  As with Lower La Noscea, the botany area is the only one containing its yields and should be an important resource for culinarians.

The real gem here, though is the Level 20 rocky outcropping near the Western La Noscea zoneline.  This is the mining area for Grade 1 Dark Matter.  Be warned, though, that this is NOT a safe mining location.  Remember to use your mining stealth ability.  This is the only mining location providing this material and it will be in high demand by players looking for materia.  Save some for yourself, materia affixed harvesting gear is awesome!

Western La Noscea

Western La Nosca contains a pair of level 20 nodes for each harvesting profession.  It is quite likely that higher level nodes exist in Western La Nosca, but this guide only focuses on T1 to T4.  Most of these nodes are immediately north of Aleport and are generally in safe to harvest areas.  As with the other La Noscean zones, an abundance of culinarian materials are available at the Level 20 shrubs in the eastern part of this zone.

For Botanists, the level 20 tree’s immediately north of Aleport will be important ones.  These nodes contain the only botany accessible Grade 1 Carbonized Material.  Grab a bunch of these, I’m sure they will be in high demand.

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4 Responses to Harvesting T1 to T4: La Noscea

  1. Schala says:

    Where can we find lv 1-10 Miner harvest in Limsa’s region? You need it for Luminary tool.

    It seems your map shows no lv 5 or lv 10 mineral or rock.

    • Dave says:

      There are none. All 1 – 10 mining is in Thanalan.

      Use your gathering log. Only narrows down by zone (I would love it later on to have areas of each zone highlighted, but I digress), but will get you started.

  2. sway says:

    hi im miner lvl 20 and i need to go from uldah to Western La Nosca to complite lvl 20 nodes quest…
    How can i do this?

    • Ryahl says:

      You have two options:
      1. Finish the level 15 main scenario quest which unlocks airship. Use airship to travel from Ul’Dah (Thanalan region) to Limsa Lominsa (La Noscea region).
      2. Take the ferry from Vesper Bay in West Thanalan to Limsa Lominsa. I believe you have to be level 15 for this as well.

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