Ifrit (Story) Primal

Ifrit: Bowl of Embers

Lord of the Inferno

A Guide to the Story-mode fight with Ifrit

After completing the three initial dungeon quests, your city story-line quests send you to Camp Drybone in Eastern Thanalan.  Here you begin a set of investigations into attacks carried out by the Amalj’aa beastmen.  This investigation culminates in the Lord of the Inferno quest line and ultimately leads you into the party battle with Ifrit.

This guide addresses this initial fight with Ifrit.  The fight takes place in a special battle arena located in Eastern Thanalan.  The fight is targeted towards level 20 characters and will level sync players to level 22 if you are above that level.

Lord of the Inferno Solo Quest

The final step of unlocking Bowl of Embers involves a lengthy fight in which you defend a squad of Immortal Flame guards from an Amalj’aa ambush.  I played through this as a gladiator and primarily focused on taking out add packs, leaving the Immortal Flames sergeant to fight the named Amalj’aa.  The fight was a fairly straightforward endurance challenge, simply stay alive taking out as many Amalj’aa as you safely can.

Class Quest

Aela, as a conjurer, had a bit harder time with this fight.  Initially she set about healing as many guards and the sergeant as she could keep up.  Her encounter cycled through far more waves than did mine and she was eventually overwhelmed.

On the second attempt, she didn’t “play to win,” as she had seen how mine ended.  Rather, she simply played to “stay alive,” and let the Sergeant get beaten down.  It appears you are supposed to lose this event, but stay alive, triggering the captive state needed for the Ifrit battle.



Enter Ifrit

You enter the Ifrit battle from a jail cave in Amalj’aa territory.  You need a party of four for this next fight.  The party needs to be level 20 and needs to at least be on this step of the quest.  People past this quest step can come in and assist you.  Talk to Adala, the nearby gateguard, for entrance into the Ifrit battle arena.

While it is natural to want to click through the dialog and quickly get to the Ifrit fight, it’s worthwhile to watch and pay attention to this at least once.  The dialog prior to Ifrit contains some clues as to the importance and background of your character and how he/she fits into the larger story arc.



The Ifrit battle arena is a circular ring of fire.  Ifrit makes a spectacular entrance and sets up on the far side of the fire ring.  Ifrit breathes a cone of fire frequently in his attacks, so only the party tank should be in his front arc.  Make sure that the healer and dps stay behind Ifrit throughout this engagement.

There are three mechanics to the Ifrit fight, failing to successfully counter these mechanics will kill party members.  Otherwise, this fight isn’t terribly difficult, as long as the healer remains standing, even a careful duo can complete the fight.

Enter Ifrit

The first mechanic, eruption, begins after Ifrit takes about 25% damage.  Periodically, Ifrit will cast the eruption ability.  This effect places a large aoe damage ring somewhere on the battlefield, generally underneath the feet of at least one party member.  The eruption effect looks like ground spikes, not the “get out of the red” aoe circle you see from other monsters.  Once the spikes land under your feet, you have only moments to get off them before they explode into a fiery burst.  The eruption ability will continue throughout the remainder of the encounter.

Ifrit Beginning

The second mechanic happens near the 50% mark of the fight.  In this mechanic, Ifrit drops a fiery sword into the ground.  The sword is targetable and needs to be destroyed immediately.  Have the DPS be on guard and shift to the sword the moment it drops.  I’m not sure what happens if you leave the sword up, but let’s assume it’s bad!  In the story mode, this mechanic only happens once.  Once countered you will not see it again.

Ifrit Fight

The third mechanic begins at about the 25% mark.  During this stage, Ifrit will place ground effects either on the outside of the ring (forcing players to run to the inside) or on the inside of the battle arena (forcing players to run to the outside).  He does these back to back with and then pauses a bit before cycling them again.  Stay moving to avoid the inside-outside damage effects and then return to beating on Ifrit after they complete.

What?  No Treasure?

Technically, you didn’t defeat Ifrit,you just pushed him back.  Further, this is only story-mode Ifrit, he’s far weaker than his normal planar self.  So, no, no treasure for you on this engagement.  However, you do advance your story-line which leads to some rather useful unlocks.  Upon completing Ifrit you begin your eligibility quests for Grand Companies!

I also recommend you pay attention to Tancred in the subsequent quest lines.  Tancred gives you a critical piece of information letting you know your victory over Ifrit was a pyrrhic one.  FFXIV:ARR has a very dark story line and your sugar-coated happy ending comes crashing down in the aftermath of Ifrit.  Someone has been reading their George R.R. Martin!

You will encounter Ifrit again later on in the game (most likely 50th, but I can not yet confirm this).  In version 1.0, Ifrit was a full party (8-person) encounter on his hard mode.  The mechanics for hard mode back then were similar to the story mode fight, with a few more wrinkles.  I expect we will get Ifrit as a hard mode, full party, 8-person fight in Beta-4 and beyond!

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6 Responses to Ifrit (Story) Primal

  1. fencingkitty says:

    This fetter is what determines how much damage Hellfire does. Ifrit WILL do Hellfire regardless of if you kill it or not. If you do not kill the fetter Hellfire does full damage and will wipe your party.

    Your healer will want to be on top of healing everyone after Hellfire goes off. While reduced in damage it still deals a fair chunk of AoE damage to everyone. CNJ should fire a few Medica in range then get out before a ground pyre forms under them. It was also useful for DD and tank to hold a hi-potion to use immediately after Hellfire went off to cushion your healer’s job and give a few extra seconds to get everyone topped back off. (source: CNJ who did this fight last weekend)

    • Vaughan says:

      Better yet, do what I did as CNJ. Ask the DDs to kindly not use limit break – and once you kill the fetter, your LB gauge will fill. Time it properly – a moment before hellfire hits ready your CNJ limitbreak and everyone will heal massive HP.

      • fencingkitty says:

        Yeah, realized I have access to the limit break eventually.. -.-. Used to DD’s grabbing it first so I don’t usually think about it. This is a much better idea than depending on Medica in range.

  2. Alexia says:

    I remember way back in phase 2 when I checked my log after our first wipe when one DPS simply didn’t realize the Fetter was there, that we each took like over 1000 damage from Hellfire.

    With the tank’s defensive Limit Break, it was like somewhere between 200 to 300, enough to bring everyone low but not enough to kill a topped off player. I’m thinking it’s perhaps better to let the tank use the defensive limit break?

    I’ve also heard people insisting that you can avoid the Hellfire. They say Hellfire has 2 patterns: one where the fireballs appear near the outside of the ring, in which case the party should congregate in the center; another where the fireballs appear in the center parts of the ring, in which case party members need to move to the outside perimeter. They say this way you don’t take any damage from Hellfire, plus you don’t have to even touch the Fetter; but I haven’t had a chance to test it out.

    The safest remains using the Limit Break, though. Either healer or tank LB seems to work, although I like the tank version better because less incoming damage is always better than healing through the damage afterwards.

    • Alexia says:

      Sorry for multiple replies. The “200-300″ in my above reply was under the condition that we did kill the Fetter. In another test when we didn’t kill the fetter, using the Tank Limit Break didn’t reduce the damage enough for any of us to survive. Just to clarify my info.

  3. Dave says:

    Yup – not killing the fetter buffs Hellfire up to 1-shot levels for 20′s. A tank LB can survive it, but better to kill it. Guess that’s the sort of knowledge that comes from 5 failed attempts thru DF with no communication!

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