Level 25 Guildhest

Level 25 Guildhest

All’s Well that Ends Well and Flicking Sticks and Taking Names

Guildhest offers a pair of 4-player party adventures every 5 levels.  These instanced adventures are gated by the prior tier of guildhest.  Thus, to enter All’s Well That Ends Well, you must complete the level 10, level 15 and level 20 guildhests.

The level 25 Guildhest pairs really kick it up a notch compared to the earlier adventures.  While previous guildhest have all involved multi-target fights, the level 25 guildhest emphasize the importance of crowd control.  It is a good idea to make use of sleep or bind abilities during these guildhests.

All’s Well That Ends Well

The first of the level 25 guildhests takes place in the Black Shroud.  You are tasked with defeating Briaxio of the Well, a sylvan of some power.  Upon entering this guildhest, you are advised that splitting forces and countering enfeebling magic may be advised.  Take this advice to heart!

Initially, you encounter three sets of spawns along a path towards Briaxio.  Each spawn is a different mix of monsters with slightly different mechanics.  While they are not challenging, you should pay attention to the effects and begin countering them using CNJ abilities.  In particular, the drake monsters have a mez effect that incapacitates the tank if he doesn’t move out of the breath.  In a pack fight, its easy to miss this happening, so frozen tanks should be expected.

Pay attention to which effects your party feels a need to avoid or counter, you will run into them again with Briaxio!

After completing the three packs, you encounter Briaxio.  Your Duty Log advises you that you will face five packs of opponents while fighting Briaxio.  These adds will enter the battlefield from both the left and right of where he is standing in the above picture.  Adds entering take a bit of time to arrive at the battle center.  This gives your party plenty of time to counter them with Sleep and Bind abilities.

In our experience, the first pair of packs arrived at the same time.  This may be tied to damage output or by design.  In either case, be ready to get more than one pack from more than one direction.  Quickly picking which creatures need Sleep and which need priority DPS is a must.  Additionally, your party will experience a number of enfeebling attacks during this fight, be ready to purify these effects and remove them as needed.

A group of drakes appear again in the final moments of the encounter.  Remember, these guys can freeze the tank.  I spent several tense moments frozen (bad tank, avoid breath attacks), but we were able to dispatch Briaxio all the same.

This guildhest reminds me of fights from back in Everquest, and I mean that in a good way.  There are a lot of things to react to as the fight progresses.  You are best served if more than just your tank marks targets.  While the tank might continue marking the priority kill order, the THM/CNJ should use mark macros to mark Sleep targets.  Players need to pay attention to how the fight evolves to play well.  If this is what level 25 looks like, I’m really looking forwards to 50.

Flicking Sticks and Taking Names

Fresh off your victory over the Sylvan, your next level 25 guildhest returns to the Black Shroud, this time facing off against a horde of Goblins.  Players of FFXI and FFXIV certainly remember that where you find Goblins you find bombs, lots and lots of bombs.  Goblins in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn certainly continue the tradition, be ready to dodge!

As you begin your approach you encounter a couple of pairs of Goblin Outlaws.  Pay attention to your target linking indicators so that you don’t inadvertently pull four Goblins at a time.  These outlaws toss bombs periodically during the fight.  Because of this, it can be useful to Sleep one Outlaw and finish the other.  Doing so helps you avoid dealing with multiple bombs dropping at once.  However, since these outlaws like to drop bombs on the tank, you can cluster them up and engage them both at once.

After defeating the outlaw patrols, you come up to a stairwell.  This stairwell is covered in goblins and the goblins have erected barricades.  You need to break down barricades to gain access to the pack of goblins.  The entire time you are breaking the barricade, the goblins will be lobbing bombs at you.  Ranged attacks are useful here.

Once you destroy the barricade you get some good news and bad news.  The bad news is the goblin pack swarms your party.  The good news is that these goblins stop throwing their bombs when they swarm you (at least in our experience).  They also seem to be a bit weaker than the patrolling outlaws you fought earlier.

After clearing these goblins, continue to work your way up the stairs and tree.  As you reach the next set of stairs you will, once again, encounter goblins and barricades.  This time there are multiple barricades obstructing your access to the goblins.  Repeat your technique from earlier and you will soon have these goblins subdued.

This brings you into combat with Stikflix Grumblytoss, the leader of the Goblin Outlaws and your target for this Guildhest.  Stikflix apparently went the wholesale club route on bombs, he has lots and lots of them.  Further, he can throw multiple bombs at a time.  Early in the fight you will regularly see three or four bomb circles to avoid.  But this progresses, boy does it progress!

In the latter half of the fight, Stikflix tosses a ridiculous number of bombs.  In the image above, I count fourteen and there could have been some outside of the screenshot itself.  During this stage you not only need to move away from bombs, but you also need to move in such a way to leave yourself room to move again.

As an example, if a player were to run over to the tree just above where I have Stikflix engaged, they would easily avoid all the bombs on the ground.  But, since they would have placed themselves up against the battlefield boundary (the orange dotted line), they could easily be hemmed in on the next set of bombs.  Move out of the bombs, but never move into a wall or obstacle during this stage.  At the very end of the fight, Stikflix throws single, but very large, radius bombs.  These are easily avoided and once you see them you are very close to finishing this guildhest.

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