Level 30 Guildhest

More Than a Feeler and Annoy the Void

Level 30 Guildhest

Through the early game, guildhest provides a pair of events every five levels.  These starting guildhest focus on training party mechanics and specifically prepare you for aspects of the fights in upcoming dungeons.  Additionally, guildhest pays a significant dividend in xp and coin for your first completion.

The level 30 guildhest continues the escalating difficulty initially observed in level 20 guildhest.  These two guildhest emphasize group responsibility checks, particularly requiring your party damage dealers to quickly change priorities as the events progress.

More Than a Feeler

More Than a Feeler places the party up against Toxic Tamlyn amidst a swamp.  Initially Tamlyn appears on her own and is easily pulled and engaged.  Pay attention to avoidable attacks and the early stage of this fight is quite easy.

Once engaged, the area where you initially pulled Tamlyn will begin popping out bubbles.  There are two types of bubbles, blue ones and purple ones.  The blue bubbles, if left unattended, eventually spawn Rotten Jam adds.  The purple bubbles are poisonous and should be avoided.

Tamlynn’s spawn point produces quite a few bubbles at a time.  Additionally, you can get quite a mix of blue and purple bubbles.  It is imperative that your party damage dealers immediately react to and destroy blue bubbles.  Waiting more than a few moments leads to additional adds for the tank to pickup.  On top of this, the tank is ill pressed to switch to the bubbles since he or she will be focused on avoiding Tamlynn’s higher damage attacks.

This is a fight where good use of your limit break can come in handy.  Either of the two damage dealing limit breaks can be useful.  In our run through this, we drifted backwards as the fight progressed.  While this provided more room for the dps to avoid purple bubbles and kill blue bubbles, it also tended to leave the bubbles more spread out.  Be careful not to move behind trees and break line of sight from your healers.

For reference, take a look at the above screenshot.  You will notice we have at least six blue bubbles, a purple bubble and two Rotten Jams (from blue bubbles that weren’t killed).  We made  a decision at the end to focus on Tamlynn (hence the two Jam’s), but the number of bubbles on screen is what to expect in this fight.  DPS really needs to focus on these targets and get as many down as possible.  It’s a pretty intense, but fun fight!

Annoy the Void

Where More Than a Feeling was busy, Annoy the Void gets crazy.  In this guildhest, your party is facing off against the demon Buso.  In addition to Buso, you also face a set of  void hounds and interactive blue flames.  Each of these entities have an interactive relationship with each other.  The party must react quickly to kill hounds and counter flames all while dealing with Buso’s rather intense damage output.

Buso is rendered near invulnerable when blue flames are up.  Blue flames can be extinguished by interacting with the objects.  It takes a few seconds to put out a blue flame.  Buso also calls void hound minions throughout the fight.  When killed, they leave a blue flame.  Remember, blue flames make Buso invincible.

The actual fight mechanics are reasonably simple.  Kill hounds, put out fires, return to Buso, avoid his large damage attack.  In practice, though, this fight is pretty intense.  Buso doesn’t spawn a hound or two, he spawns many in different places on the map.  These hounds converge on the healer, keeping the tank occupied picking them up.  DPS need to dispatch hounds and immediately dispell the resulting fire.

Ultimately, it’s an endurance match.  The healer is advised to play mana conservative early in the fight as the intensity rampup can leave you scrambling for heals as the fight progress.  Stick to your guns long enough and, mana points willing, you will have Buso downed.  Beware, Buso and the Hounds each do different high damage attacks, you want to keep hounds faced away from your healers and damage dealers.

It’s a chaotic fight and coordinating certainly helps.  It’s a good idea here for your dps to work together, picking a target and burning it down.  Otherwise you run the risk of having several half dead Hounds which can overwhelm your  healers mana pool.

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