FFXIV:ARR Guide to Levemete Location

Levemete Information & NPC Locations

Where can I find Levemetes?  By Region

[Note:  These were recorded as Adventure leves, however they should also be the same level of Crafting and Harvesting Leves.  If you find any errors, or have additions, please add a comment below.  Also, for other leveling information, please check out our leveling guide!]

In order to unlock a harvesting or crafting leve, you MUST FIRST be able to complete the adventuring quest for the camp!  This means you can only take out Leves if your ADVENTURING LEVEL is high enough to take out the leve initiation quest!

For information on Crafting Leves, please see our detailed information on our Crafting Leve Page.

Levequests are mini quests granted by a Levemete NPC inside of quest hubs.  In your journal (J), you will see an allotment of Levequest allowances.  These allowances continue to build up over time.  The current build speed is 3 allowances every 12 hours.

A Levequest is a minor task given by the NPC to you, the player.  When you complete the minor task, you are granted XP and coin (and sometimes an item), based on a number of aspects.  The reward granted by Levequest depends on a number of factors.  Each of these factors grants an increase to the exp given at completion of the levequest.  These factors include:

  1. The base level of the levequest (reward listed in your journal)
  2. The actual level of the levequest, +/- given at initiation.
  3. The speed of completion
  4. Locating and killing a “bounty target” during the mission (at low levels, this is an imp)
  5. Locating and Finding a chest for additional reward mid-leve.  (Note: at higher levels, you will start to sometimes gain white and pink items from these chests)

As you are leveling through your different classes, it is often difficult to remember where each Levemete NPC is located, as well as in what level range.  I put together a listing of the Levemete NPCs to help myself keep track of where I need to be going.

Keep in mind, this is a listing of Levemete NPCs in each region.  However, the levequest level in the area is also a good representation of locations to find FATEs as well as general questing and monsters in the same range.  If you aren’t sure were to go for leveling, this is a good general location listing.

Limsa Lominsa – La Noscea

  • Adventure Guild – Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks – Level 1/5/10 Levequests
  • Red Rooster Steed – Lower La Noscea – Level 5 Levequests
  • Swiftperch – Western La Noscea – Level 10 Levequests.
  • Aleport – Western La Noscea – level 15 Levequests
  • Moraby Drydocks – Lower La Noscea – Level 20 Levequest & Level 20/25 Grand Company (Malstrom) Leves
  • Costa del Sol – Eastern La Noscea – Level 30 Levequests
  •  Wineport – Eastern La Noscea – Level 35 Levequests

Gridania – The Black Shroud

  • Adventure Guild – New Gridania – Level 1/5/10 Levequest
  • The Bannock – Central Shroud – Level 5 Levequest
  • Bentbranch Meadows – Central Shroud – Level 10 Levequest
  • Hawthorne Hut – East Shroud – Level 15 Levequest  & Level 20/25 Grand Company (Twin Adder) Leves
  • Quarrymill – The South Shroud – Level 20 Levequest
  • Camp Tranquil – The South Shroud – Level 30 Levequest

Ul’Dah – Thanalan

  • Adventure Guild – Ul’dah Steps of Nald – Level 1/5/10 Levequest
  • Scorpion Crossing – Western Thanalan – Level 5 Levequest
  • Horizon - Western Thanalan – 10 Levequest
  • Camp Drybone – Eastern Thanalan – Level 15 Levequest & Level 20/25 Grand Company (Immortal Flame) Leves
  • Little Ala Mhigo – Southern Thanalan – Level 25 Levequest
  • Camp Bluefog – Northern Thanalan – level 40 Levequest


  • First Dicastrial Observatorium of Aetherial and Astrological Phenomena – Coerthas Centeral Highlands – Level 35 Levequest
  • Whitebrim – Coerthas Central Highlands – Level 40 Levequest & Level 40 Grand Company Leves (all three)

Mor Dhona

  • Saint Coinach’s Find – Mor Dhona – Level 45 Levequest & Level 45 Grand Company Leves (all three)


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38 Responses to FFXIV:ARR Guide to Levemete Location

  1. Chris says:

    Thanks for putting this list together.

    I’ve never understood the logic behind level 1 leves (or level 5 for that matter). At lower levels, it’s ridiculously easy to gain levels, so why use up leve allowances?

    I could see if a crafting leve rewarded materials that were a pain in the butt to get (e.g. diremite web), but I haven’t seen any like that.

    • C# says:

      Level 8-10 for gathering classes were not ridiculously easy to gain. However, they only took 2-3 leves to get through them. I’d definitely use the level 5 leves there again.

      • Chris says:

        Good point. I had forgotten about gathering classes. Although fishing might be an exception. I use leves less for grinding through the annoying early levels (you get so much XP per catch, particularly HQ fish) and more for getting something from fish that aren’t needed for cooking or crafting (more than the tiny amount of gil you get from NPCs).

        • Dave says:

          Yeah, I spammed about a half dozen GC leves to get my chocobo last night. But in general it will be DoL getting most of my leves, as they do give shards for rewards, and a few of them (MNR at least) do give ores from (hazy) memory – P3 memory, that is.

      • shalliko says:

        Yes, they were compared to any higher tier of gathering. If 8-10 was slow for you, you might want to consider not pursuing gathering.

    • Bethor says:

      There are Crafting leves which provide the diremite webs. Sometimes up to 12 pieces each leve. But that only works for like 5 times and then you only get shards.

  2. Moth Wing says:

    Forgotten Springs – Southern Thanalan – Level 30 Levequests.

  3. Super Teet says:

    First Dicastrial Observatorium of Aetherial and Astronlogical Phenomena (whew), south of Camp Dragonheadhas level 35 leves.

  4. raven0ak says:

    does L30/L35+ grand company leves exist?

    • Nyan says:

      Yes. You need to be at least Sergeant Third Class for those though.
      Ala Mihgo have level 30 for Flames.

      • writtenly says:

        Disappointed that this rank requirement is imposed in this way to preclude access to level 30+ GC levequests. This requirement results in characters that exceed level 30 having to spend time doing lower level levequests which grant less exp. Aside from zerging FATES or doing those levequests with a lower level (battle) class, there appears to be no real alternative to progressing within GC ranks — is that right?

        • writtenly says:

          Also it does not appear we can progress past the rank of Corporal without achieving rank 1 in the GC hunting log – which seems to include some lvl 40+ mobs.

        • Tanis1217 says:

          It seems you missed the point of the system entirely. If you exceeded level 30 without the GC seals / system being a part of your leveling, you have created a shortcoming for all of your classes to be leveled up. The shortcoming being that you need to grind fates to level them instead of doing level appropriate side quests. The general way to level your first class to 50 is; First, do all class hunts and class quests, Second, do all storyline quests, Third, do fates to fill in exp needed to get to the next level required class quest, Last, do all guildhests and side dungeons by level range.

          • Jens says:

            Ooor.. You could level it as intended – which is through the main story and stop whining that you have to work a bit for the stuff.

  5. India Paleale says:

    The levemete at Camp Tranquil doesn’t seem to offer anything in the way of Botany. Has anyone found lv30 BTN leves??

  6. Nyan says:

    First Dicastrial Observatorium of Aetherial and Astrological Phenomena has GC 35 leves

  7. Aaron says:

    I can’t figure out exactly how to travel to black shroud (old girdania) foot/boat

  8. shaggs says:

    So are there no level 30-35 maelstrom levemetes?

  9. Pitlord says:

    In camp drybone, the first leve is to use /beckon with gutterix, but where is gutterix, i cant seem to locate him to /beckon him to come with me, please help

    • AelaAela says:

      He should be right next to you when you activate the quest.

    • Archai Monarch -Exodus- says:

      Not sure if u found him, as soon as i got the quest i activated it in camp drybone ( right near the npc that gave me the quest to be specific, tho it don’t matter ) he was waiting for me at the top of the ramp ( as u exit the camp u go up a ramp ) /beckon and he will follow… tho slowly, i’d set up a macro for /beckon for u will be using quite a bit. Follow the road keepin him safe and that is it. ( yea i tend to rant on ) hope that helps..

      • Pitlord says:

        yes, thanks i found him. now i have a leve trial in Hawthorne hut i cant find the little slyph , even though i ran the circle serveral times

  10. Matt says:

    BTW South Shroud Quarrymill Levemete has both Level 20 and 25 Guildleves :)

  11. Nicole says:

    Quarrymill also has lvl 25 leves

  12. Bulwyf says:

    Where are the Maelstrom lvl 35 (not 30) guild leves at?

  13. Lizzy says:

    Quarrymill also has level 25 levequests.

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