“Lightning Strikes Twice” – Chapter Four: Wonder and Lightning

Lightning Strikes Twice in Eorzea

FFXIV:ARR November 2013 Event

Chapter Three:  Wonder and Lightning (Runs 11/20 – 12/9)

Chapter One: For the Winsome (Runs 11/14 – 12/9)
Chapter Two: Seeking the Scoop (Runs 11/16 – 12/9)
Chapter Three:  The Knight’s Passage (Runs 11/18 – 12/9)
Chapter Four:  Wonder and Lightning (Runs 11/20 – 12/9)

Required Level: 45 or above
Quest Prerequisites: Complete Chapter Three “The Knights Passage“, Chapter Two “Seeking the Scoop“, & Chapter One: For the Winsome (Runs 11/14 – 12/9)
Quest Location: Old Gridania – Kipih Jakkya

For Chapter 3 “The Knights Passage” return to Kipih Jakkya (the same NPC from Ch3), and speak with her.


She sends you to Mor Dhona to find more information.  Port to Revenant’s Toll and grab a group, you’ll need one.

Head Southeast of Revenant’s Toll to find the FATE.  There are multipule locations it can spawn.  A few confirmed locations are:  x26, y12 as well as x33 y11.  Screencaps can be found below.

Location of Chapter 4 Fate

Second Possible FATE Location

Second Possible FATE Location





The Fate starts as is level 45 Lightning Strikes – Anubys Assault.   Prior to the FATE activation, Lightning will appear and start to speak.  Shortly after, the FATE activates.  This FATE spawns a large number of of Anubys creatures.

An Anubys

An Anubys

At the completion of this fate, Lightning again speaks, this time about how a deity is attempting to “bring me back” (ie, her).

After she calls to Odin, a second FATE spawns, On Wings of Chaos.

The Aspect of Chaos spawns, and Odin shows up to help you.  You must defeat the beast to complete the fate.

Aspect of Chaos

Aspect of Chaos

Aspect of Chaos

Aspect of Chaos


Odin & Lightning Battle Together

Odin & Lightning Battle Together

Upon defeat, you are granted the Stunning Otherworldly Parcel to return to Gridania.

Again meet with Kipih to be awared your reward.  A cutscene surrounding Lightnings lore, as well as her decision to return to her own world.

You are also given the final part of your outfit, the tunic.

Lightning Strikes Twice - Wonder and Lightning - Highlander Male outfit

Highlander Male outfit – Coat, Gloves, Pants and Boots

Female Lightning Outfit - Tunic, Legs, Boots and Gloves

Female Lightning Outfit – Tunic, Legs, Boots and Gloves

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3 Responses to “Lightning Strikes Twice” – Chapter Four: Wonder and Lightning

  1. Striveldt says:

    Ah crap. Gotta fate grind my butt up to 45… at 41.5 right now.

    • AelaAela says:

      Crafters can also turn in the quest if they are 45. not sure what level yours are, but also an option.

      • mike lowrey says:

        Thanks for the tip. I thought I was gonna miss out on this event because my level isnt high enough but I have a level 50 craft so I was able to turn it in.

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