Sastasha Dungeon Guide

Sastasha: It’s Probably Pirates

A Guide to the first FFXIV:ARR Dungeon

Welcome to the first of Eorzea Reborn’s ARR Dungeon guides.  This guide provides information on the first dungeon players will encounter, Sastasha.  Sastasha is designed to be a learning dungeon, for a typical MMO player this will be a very easy zone.  However, Sastasha was designed for players new to MMO’s and this guide is written assuming you have minimal experience with party play in MMO’s.

Sastasha Intro Graphic


Sastasha Overview

Sastasha is a level 15-17 dungeon located in western La Noscea in the regions surrounding Limsa Lominsa.  This is the first dungeon players are allowed to access and it is required to be on the “It’s Probably Pirates” step of the level 15 class story line to initially enter Sastasha.  Once you complete the dungeon, you may repeat the dungeon whenever you wish.  Sastasha features a level sync design and will “down level” your character to 17th level to complete the dungeon.

As with all of the story dungeons in FFXIV:ARR, Sastasha is a timered instance.  You have 90 minutes to complete all of the story objectives and finish exploring the dungeon.  This is more than ample time, even for new parties.  Experienced parties are likely to finish the zone in around 30-minutes.

Sastasha entrance

Sastasha is located in Western La Noscea just north of Aleport.  It is easily reached from Limsa Lominsa.  Simply use the Limsa Athernet crystals and travel to the Fisherman’s Bottom area.  On the docks here, talk to the Ferry Skipper and take the ferry over to Aleport.  From Aleport, run north to the dungeon entrance.

This dungeon is accessible by a “light party,” that is a party comprised of four members.  All members must be individually eligible for entry.  You enter the dungeon by speaking with D’perjha outside of the entrance.  However, only one party member actually needs to be near the entrance.  The remaining party members merely need to be in Western La Noscea to enter the dungeon

In general, dungeons in MMO’s assume you have several roles covered.  This includes a Tank (a Gladiator or Marauder at this stage of the game) who can hold enmity and take a beating from the tougher monsters.  Additionally you should have a healer (typically a Conjurer) to help the tank and other party members recover from damage taken.  For these lower level dungeons, typically your remaining two character spots will be occupied by damage oriented classes (arcanists, archers, lancers, pugilists, or thaumatergists).

Sastasha is fairly friendly on party composition, though.  If you don’t have a conjurer to heal, you can probably get by with a Thaumaterge who has the Conjurer “Cure” spell.  I have even heard of parties completing this dungeon with an Archer using Cure as the healer.

Upper Sastasha

When you initially enter Sastasha you find yourself in a series of fantastically illuminated natural caverns.  As you travel through these caves you encounter a number of creatures one might normally associate with a seaside cave in Eorzea.  Early on in the dungeon you will find a mysterious memo which notes that ‘the captain prefers red wine.’  Apparently the pirate captain is a wine connoisseur who undoubtedly spends the weekends travelling the coasts of La Noscea frequenting numerous wineries and sampling their vintages.

Sastasha caves

During your trek through the upper caves you will find a number of Giant Clams who are guarded by Shade Seekers.  Giant Clams will continue to spawn Shade Seeker’s until your party defeats the clam.  Further, clams can only be hit while their shell is open.  Simply focus your DPS on the clam, kill it and then mop up the Seekers.

Encounter Enmity


It is worthwhile to explore around a bit and defeat all the encounters on this level.  There are several treasure chests hidden around the caves.  In general these chests will reward you with crafting material and treasure tokens which can be sold for cash back in town.

Eventually you will come to the cattery where you must bypass the coral trigger room.  You will discover three coral, one red, one blue and one green.  Remember that note about the pirate captain?  It might be a clue as to what to do here.  Triggering the appropriate coral formation reveals a secret door.  Frankly I have no idea what happens if you hit the wrong coral (therealkami at reddit points out that hitting the wrong coral poisons you)..

Note, Sheffield178 over at Reddit points out that the note in the caves can have different messages on different trips:

One of my runs I clicked on the message and said something about ‘the captain is feeling blue’, so we hit the blue switch. I assume there is also a ‘captain is green with envy’ or something similar and they randomize the message for each run.

We have run it three times and gotten red all three times.  But, given his experience, I highly recommend paying attention to see if your message reflects a different color!


Attempting to activate the secret door brings up the first boss encounter of Sastasha.  Chopper is a coeurl type monster.  This is a very straight forwards fight.  Chopper has one ground targeted AOE attack, whenever a big red circle appears at your feet, get out of it!  Defeating Chopper rewards the party with their first item treasure chest.

Sastasha Chopper

Rolling for Loot

Defeating boss encounters, like Chopper, generally gives you access to dungeon boss loot.  This loot drops in chests that look just like the random ones you find scattered around the dungeon.  The items in boss chests, though, are quite good.  Dungeon treasure comes in two variants at this level.

The lower tier gear has a “pink” coloration to the gear.  This gear is roughly as good as HQ crafted gear and typically includes a mix of secondary stats that HQ gear can only get through materia.  “Pink” gear, at least in my experience, can also be used with the dye system and be recolored to your liking.

When someone in your party interacts with the boss chest you will receive a “Loot” UI prompt.  Mine appears in the upper left part of my screen and appears as a rounded rectangle.  Clicking on this loot message gives you your opportunity to declare your desire for the gear or to pass on it, giving it to another party member.

The roll system has three options.  Need is only available to you if you are of a class that can actually equip the item.  Note, this means the class you entered the dungeon as, not some other class in your armory.  If you enter as a Gladiator, the game only lets you roll need on Gladiator gear or gear for all Disciples of War.  Greed is available as a roll option for everyone in the party.  Finally Pass means you are uninterested in the item.

Once everyone has chosen their loot preference the game “rolls the dice” and allocates winners.  Anyone who rolled Need gets preference on the gear, in this case those who rolled Greed will not have any chance on receiving the item.  If no one Needed the item then the game randomly allots the item between the players who rolled Greed.

There are no universal rules for what you should do on loot rolls.  Different groups of players have different expectations and, particularly in higher level dungeons, it’s worthwhile clarifying how people should roll before getting started.  In general, though, it’s a good idea to simply play courteous and consider the following as guidelines.

  1. If the item is only available for your class and you are the only one who can equip it, absolutely roll Need if the item is an upgrade.  When you win the item, equip it as it will help your character perform better in the rest of the dungeon.

  2. If you can equip the item and others can also, it’s still typically okay to roll Need.  However, I do notice that the randomization in FFXIV dungeons seems to be a bit streaky.  If you have already won something and your party member hasn’t (and can use the item), pass on it and defer to them.

  3. It’s generally always okay to roll Greed.  Anyone who Needs will get priority over you anyway and Greed items typically just go to alternate classes or NPC merchants.  If you have won several items, though, it’s usually best to just pass.

  4. Congratulate party members when they win an item and commiserate with them if the random nature of loot means they didn’t get anything across a number of boss chests (we did three dungeons one night without seeing a single Archer drop).

  5. Remember everyone likes to win gear and upgrade their characters, don’t be greedy.

Lower Sastaasha

Once you bypass Chopper you find yourself in a series of developed caves.  Pirates regularly use these caves as a storage area and the caves themselves work their way down to a natural harbor where pirate ships can dock.

Sastasha Pirates

From this point on, your encounters are all with groups of pirates.  In some cases you will find them along your path while in other cases they will be in side rooms.  Again it is a good idea to clear the side rooms as you may find additional treasure chests.  These chests generally contain cash items, but on occasion you will get an extra piece of gear!

Randimosity at Reddit points out that:

I would also mention the mob that heals other pirates (forgot what they’re called, but they’re the ones with the sword/shield). If you pull two of them at once, they’ll be next to impossible to kill until you split them up.

In several cases as you progress through the pirate caves you will come across locked doors.  In all cases the necessary key will be in a nearby room.  Sometimes the key is being carried on a guard, sometimes it’s just laying there to be picked up.  Explore around a bit, every room can be accessed and several have treasure.

Pirate Captain Madison

Twice during your trek through the caves you will find yourself face to face with the Pirate Captain Madison.  In each case, Captain Madison will run off before you defeat him, but he’s always generous enough to leave a treasure chest to occupy you as he runs away.

Sastasha Captain Madison

The first time you fight the captain he comes with two crewmates.  Simply defeat the crewmates and then beat up the Captain.

The second time you fight him, he again starts off with a pair of bodyguards.  Beat them down and then, once again, start fighting Captain Madison.  The captain, though, has a new trick up his sleeves this time.  Around 25% health, Captain Madison will unlock a room full of guard dogs who will rush in to defend him.  Defeat the dogs and work on Captain Madison until he once again runs away.

Denn the Orcatoothed

You will eventually reach the harbor for the Pirate caves.  After beating back the remaining pirate guards you will once again discover Captain Madison.  You may think you are about to get your third go at the Captain, but someone else has plans on our fleet-footed pirate.  Denn the Orcatoothed, a Sahuigin, comes from the deeps and removes the Captain right as you arrive.

Sastasha Captains End


This leaves your party to face off with Denn in the final battle of Sastasha.  Denn’s battle arena is rectangular and features four grated areas which list “bubbling water.”  These are important as the fight progresses as they represent spawn gates where Denn will call in reinforcements.


I recommend having the party setup along the lines in the illustration above.  The tank pulls Denn (the Red Circle) and places him in between the two grates nearest the water.  Turn Denn away from the party, this is just a good habit to get into.  Your healer should setup at the blue square with the other DPS setting up near the remaining two grates.

During the “bubbling water” stages, each team member should interact with their grate to disable adds spawning.  The healer should handle the two left grates, remember a healer can sprint between them since they don’t need TP.  Should the healer not be able to get to the grate nearest the tank, Denn is positioned in such a way to make picking up the add easy enough.

DPS should focus fire down any adds if they spawn and then return to Denn.

The tank basically just holds onto Denn and absorbs the damage.  DPS fight Denn until the bubbling grates, at which time they should close most of the grates and kill any adds from mistimed grates.  The tank can try to pickup adds as they come in, but don’t change Denn’s position to do so as he does have a frontal cleave type attack which will hurt your non-tanky party members.

Badbiscuits over at Reddit points out:

You should mention that the gates on the final boss can be interacted with while they are bubbling. Doing so prevents an add from coming out of that gate entirely. Easier to spend 3 seconds to prevent an add that have to deal with it later.

If you follow Badbiscuits advice you might want to reposition so that the party is positioned on top of a gate.  Every time the bubbling starts have a designated party member kill the gate to prevent that add from spawning.

Wormania at Reddit suggests a different positioning

Wormosity suggested positioning
In this format, the party members cancel out three of the bubbling cages each time.  They then only  have to face a single add each cycle.

This is also a good place to use your Limitbreak (possibly more than once).  We like to have a lancer or pugilist perform the limitbreak on Denn as it does pretty massive single target damage.  Alternately, a Thaumatergist can use the Limitbreak.  You should not need the defensive LB of a tank or the healing LB of a conjurer in this fight.

After Defeating Denn

Congratulations, you defeated Denn and have finished your first dungeon in FFXIV:ARR.  You will be awarded with at least one item chest, which will contain a green-tier top-quality dungeon item.  I believe there are conditions which may lead to a second chest, but have not yet determined what causes this.

If your party was a good one, you might inquire as to whether they wish to proceed on to Tam Tara Deepcroft (in Gridania) and Copperbell Mines (in Ul’dah) which are part of the level 15 city quest series.  This is also a reasonable time to consider adding people to your friends list to group with them again.

Thank your teammates and congratulate them on their good work.  Head back to Limsa Lominsa and complete the “It might be pirates” quest if this was your first trip into Sastasha.

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7 Responses to Sastasha Dungeon Guide

  1. Faiyed says:

    Just thought id add, Sastasha level syncs you to 17 not to 19

    (it did on my 18 warrior anyway) I remember because I couldn’t use my newly acquired cleave through the dungeon

  2. Sir Aquino says:

    which dungeon do i start with? my char is in gridania. i dont know how to get all accesses to those dungeons.

    • AelaAela says:

      The starting dungeons in FFXIV open up as you progress the main story line for your city! For the first dungeon, you will be sent to Limsa Lominsa via airship (via your main story line). Don’t stress too much, just keep moving forward on that quest line, and you’ll get there naturally.

  3. Alexia says:

    For Denn, I always ask healer to take one gate, and I’ll tank the boss in the middle between the four gates. Each DPS will be responsible for another gate, and I myself for the last.

    Tanks can be responsible for one gate, too, hence removing adds completely from the encounter. It is possible because the boss’s weapon skill is a long cast and he moves slowly.

    When I’m running as conjurer, I usually volunteer to take two gates because I’ll stand by one and sprint to the other. But sometimes with tanks who don’t make an effort to avoid weapon skills, I have to heal more and will miss out an add.

  4. Pkitty says:

    Great guide! Thanks so much for taking the time to add such fantastic detail. I’m just starting out (and trying to obtain my retainer) so I find these little articles invaluable. Hoping you continue this with the other noob dungeons. I’ll need all the help I can get!!


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