Tam Tara Deepcroft Dungeon Guide

Tam-Tara Deepcroft

Dungeon Overview

Tam-Tara Deepcroft is the second instanced dungeons players will discover in Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn.  The dungeon is situated in the Central Shroud area, south of Gridania.  It is a dungeon designed for four players all over level 16.  For your first trip to TTD you must be on the proper step of the level 15 City Quest, Fire in the Gloom.  This step sends you to Gridania to meet with Mama Mioune at the Adventurer’s Guild.  She will direct you to Tam Tara Deepcroft.

TTD Entranec (1)
TTD is largely a direct instance, but it does feature a few side rooms.  Some of these have treasure chests.  The dungeon has a ninety minute timer to complete.  This leaves plenty of time to complete the dungeon, so you should consider grabbing some of these extra chests.  TTD is designed for parties in the 16-19 range and will level sync players over 19th down to 19th level.

TTD Treasure

Most fights involve two or three NPC’s and boss type encounters involve dealing with adds that spawn midway through the fight.  The dungeon also features a few roaming NPC’s, so you will occasionally get added mobs midway through a hallway fight.

Finding Tam-Tara Deepcroft

TTD is southwest of the Bentbranch Meadows in the Central Shroud.  You only need one player to reach the TTD zone-in, but the remainder of the party needs to be in the Central Shroud.

TTD Hallway

Tam-Tara Deepcroft Objectives

Your Duty Log for Tam Tara Deepcroft provides you with four objectives.  The first three objectives involve breaking barriers, finding rosaries and destroying orbs.  The final objective involves defeating Galvanth the Dominator at the end of the dungeon.

You will find Cultist Rosary located in a side room of the dungeon.  The Rosary room is guarded by several Mena undead.  The Varlet category of undead casting class monsters, most likely Thaumaturgists.  In general, I prefer to focus the party on the Varlet and then shift to the lancers.

TTD Rosary
You will also find a pair of barriers in the dungeon.  Right clicking on these barriers drops them and opens up the encounter behind the barrier.  Once this is done, gather your party and prepare for a mini-boss fight!

TTD Barrier

Behind each of the barriers, you will find a Priest and a few Gravedigger Imps.  Focus on the Priest and then the Imps, these fellows all drop rather quickly.  However, they were only a distraction.

The real mini-boss is summoned once this pack of creatures is defeated.  A Void Soulcounter will spawn and attack the party.  These are reasonably easy mini-boss fights, however you get no rest between the pack and this mini-boss.  So, it’s important for the tank to be ready to quickly pickup aggro.  Also, it’s a good idea to save some MP near the end of the Gravedigger fight so that you have enough to get a Flash off at the start of the Soulcounter fight.


After defeating the Soulcounter, you can destroy the Orbs he protected.  Additionally, your party will get a treasure chest to loot.   Destroying the final pair of Orbs leads you to a rather neat cutscene in which a bridge raises up, allowing you to approach and engage Galvanth, the boss of the instance!

TTD Bridge


Galvanth the Dominator

Galvanth is the final boss of Tam Tara Deepcroft.  This is a fairly lengthy fight, lower level groups may need several minutes to complete this encounter.  The fight features multiple stages, each with adds.  Throughout the encounter, Galvanth chain casts Water spells on his primary target.  Additionally, Galvanth casts a point blank area of effect (PBAOE) mind trap spell which adds a paralysis effect to all caught in it.  When you see the big red circle, get out of it!

Melee DPS won’t suffer too much from the Mind Trap, but characters with long induction (or cast bars) will find a number of their attacks interrupted.  Best to stay at long range and engage him if you are concerned about the Mind Trap.

TTD Final Boss

Galvanth summons adds at three intervals in the fight.  It is unclear whether these intervals occur at the 75/50/25 health stages or whether they are timed.  We have progressed through this dungeon with different levels and group compositions with varying kill speed.  During these runs, it appears that it follows 75/50/25, but that may be slightly off.

During the first add phase, Galvanth summons a single Imp.  This arises on the outside of the battle platform on one of the alcoves.  As with other imps, this one is a ranged attacker.  He simply stays put and fires away.  The tank should move Galvanth over and everyone should kill the imp and then return to Galvanth.

During the second add phase, Galvanth summons a single Imp along with a small pack of dungeon trash mobs (skeletons and mitelings). We typically have the tank Flash the pack mobs and hold them, while the DPS kills the Imp.  Following the kill of the Imp, take out the trash mobs and return to Galvanth.

The third add phase is the make or break phase.  In this phase, two imps and a pack of trash spawn.  It is important to get both imps down as quickly as possible or your healers will have trouble.  The imps will not move and you can not Flash aggro both of them.  Thus, the healer will eventually have more threat on one Imp than the tank can manage. Imp damage also interrupts heals, making this a potentially lethal problem for your team.  As before, we have the tank Flash the pack of mobs and then attempt to engage one Imp while your DPS works down the second Imp.

TTD Galvanth Final

Finishing Tam Tara Deepcroft

If this was your first trip to TTD, you will want to make your way back to Gridania and visit Mama Mioune at the adventurer’s guild.  This will advance your city quest to the third dungeon at Ul’dah.  Take a moment to thank your party, congratulate them on items won.  If you will be continuing on right then, it’s polite to see if others on your team want to join you at Copperbell Mines in Ul’dah.

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7 Responses to Tam Tara Deepcroft Dungeon Guide

  1. Alexia says:

    For the adds on Galvanth, it’s best for the healer to stack up with the tank when adds come, especially with marauder tanks whose Overpower has a long delay and requires targeting. The PBAOE is easy to avoid, unlike in phase 2 when he would just use it out of the blue.

    Remember, healers! Stack up on the tank when the 2nd and 3rd waves of adds spawn, then time your Cure to heal your self half a second after the adds reach you. You’ll take a small hit or two but your tank will appreciate your smart play! Once the tanks have them (Flashed/Overpowered) you can move away from the boss in case he decides to cast Mind Trap.

    For tanks, two Shield Lobs or Tomahawks will glue one of the imps to you long enough to finish off the other. (And nobody ever said you can’t build some hate on one and move over to the other to build hate.) So I always move towards ImpA, Shield Lob and start moving to ImpB, on the way throw another Shield Lob on ImpA, and do a Fast Blade->Flash->Savage Blade on ImpB. The Flash is there because by that time the other adds would have followed me to ImpB and there will always be a DPS who’s focusing on the skeletons first.

  2. mrbuh says:

    The THM’s AOE limit break is great for the third adds phase.

  3. Joshua says:

    I tried the fire/blizzard mix until my hands got tired but then mixed it up and found higher dps (and much higher aggro).

    1. Scathe
    2. Thunder.
    3. Fire until out of mana.
    4. Transpose
    5. Blizzard (to add second stack)
    6. Thunder
    7. Scathe.
    8. Transpose.
    > Fill in the I,II,II as you level.
    *This kept me right about to pull aggro, constantly casting, but is labor intensive. It works well , just stay on your toes.

  4. Az says:

    It’s best to kill the Imps last. They don’t attack, they just stand there at range. Once the Imps die, the boss becomes vulnerable again. Take out the regular attacking adds, then the Imps last.

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