The Wanderer’s Palace

The Wanderer’s Palace

Dodging Tonberry’s Left and Right

The Wanderer’s Palace is the easier of the two four-person instances that comprise the relaunch end-game for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.  This instance pays out Tomes of Mythology, Tpmes of Philosophy, item-level 55 gear, and most-importantly damaged weapons that serve as precursors for the Relic Weapon quest.  The damaged weapons must be reforged by player crafters and these finished items can be worth substantial amounts of gil on the player marketplace.

The Wanderer’s Palace features a number of large, dangerous Tonberry’s.  These are slow moving monsters that cannot be damaged.  They deal large amounts of damage if you get close to them.  Primarily they serve as a DPS check for the dungeon as they keep you in a fairly tense forward moving progression.  The tension they create really serves to keep your first few WP runs tense and exciting.

I will be updating this guide with maps and Tonberry patrols.  

The various non-boss chests you find in the dungeon often spawn a wave of adds.  Make sure your party is together to deal with these and always keep your eyes backwards for advancing Tonberries!

Keeper of Halidom

Your first boss encounter in this dungeon is against the Goobbue, Keeper of Halidom.  The fight is relatively simple, stay out of his ground targeted attack and clear the poisons.

It can be helpful to tank this fellow in a corner of the room.  One of the attacks is a  large, targeted, cone attack.  Placing the Keeper in the corner allows ranged attackers and healers to stay outside the cone and still engage the Keeper.

Giant Bavarois

Your next boss encounter is the Giant Bavarois, a large animated Goo.  There are two primary mechanics to deal with in this fight.  The first mechanic involves adds.  Periodically during the fight, Bavarois spawns  a trio of small goos to help him.  These must be beaten down fairly quickly.  In the second wave of adds, a blue goo will actually heal Bavarois, make sure it dies first.

The second major mechanic for this fight is a focus attack from the Giant Bavarois.  The boss will switch targets and attack a member of the party for a few seconds.  That teammate should kite the boss and the healer should be prepared to ward or heal through the damage.  Once this ends, the boss returns to the tank and becomes an easy kill.

The Tonberry King

The final fight of the Wanderer’s Palace pits your party against the Tonberry King.  This is a complex fight.  Successfully completing this fight requires dealing with adds promptly, but not overly hastily. Additionally, the latter stages of the fight are a DPS check, requiring you to finish off the boss quickly.

Tonberry King

 The Tonberry King is located in the center of the battle arena (TK in the image).  The tank should acquire enmity and keep the King in the center of the map.  As the fight progresses, small Tonberry’s will spawn at the cardinal points of the map (T in the image).  These small Tonberry’s will begin working their way to the center to help the King.

DPS should burn down the Tonberry adds, however it is important to be careful here.  Each Tonberry killed adds a stack of Grudge to the Tonberry King.  Periodically the King releases all of his Grudge into a mighty attack.  Four stacks are enough to kill a newly minted level-50 tank.  Because of this, your DPS should kill three adds, let the King burn his grudge, and then begin killing adds again.

You must kill the adds, though.  If enough adds get to the center to help the king, they will cause a wipe.  So, it’s a measured pace of (1) kill three adds, (2) wait for the King to blow his grudge, (3) kill three more adds.

In the late stages of the fight, a set of large Tonberry’s will spawn (BT splats in the image).  These Tonberry’s are a DPS check and should be ignored.  If left undisturbed, they will simply advance a step every few seconds until they reach the middle.  If DPS move to far out of the center, though, the large Tonberry’s will notice the players and attack them.  If the large Tonberry’s are engaged, it’s pretty much a wipe!


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4 Responses to The Wanderer’s Palace

  1. Nialle says:

    Two other tips:

    The Giant Bavarois has a spin attack if it catches the person it’s focused on — if you’re a light armor wearer it will probably 1-shot you. Just some incentive to be sure to run away. ;)

    With the final boss, once the large Tonberrys appear toward the end, you can ignore the small ones and burn the boss down. The tank can sort of kite him around the inner ring of the room, to buy some extra time and not let the little ones stack up on him.

  2. Dave says:

    Another thing with the 1st boss. His conal attack (Inhale I believe), when he spins around to hit the DPS/heals, is actually proximity-based. As a DRG, I’ve moved sideways out of the cone as per normal, and still gotten hit for 2.5k standing next to the boss. Simply turning & running backwards, in the middle of the cone, seems to reduce the damage taken significantly. Of course, RDPS/heals can get out entirely easily enough.

  3. Nyan says:

    If you have a WHM healer… for Giant Bavarois…
    1) WHM should keep stoneskin up on self
    2) When the adds spawn toss regen at tank or self, then run to tank so all adds converge around you
    3) 3xHoly

    If any of the adds are still alive after that, just let the DPS take care of them.

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