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Here at Eorzea Reborn we have decided to try out a weekly Final Fantasy related poll.  Each week (starting Wednesday morning) we will run a poll through the next week (ending Tuesday night).  Remember, we’re working out of Houston, TX so that’s Central Time US (GMT-5).  We will try to put together some visuals and discussions of the different polls if these catch on.

This Week’s Poll:

This poll is closed! Poll activity:
start_date 2013-03-18 14:44:20
end_date 2013-07-31 23:59:59
Poll Results:
On which server do you plan on playing?

The Weekly Poll Forum: Class/Job Poll (3-Jul)

Poll Results and Analysis

10-Jul.  ”What crafting/harvesting class (if any) will be your primary class (pick up to 3)?

n = 1338 (all responses)

3-Jul: “What class/job do you think will be your primary adventuring class?”

n= 1848


6 Responses to The Weekly Poll

  1. Blinkon says:

    We need more tanks!

    • Zavier says:

      There will be more tanks don’t worry. I know I play as a BLM, but my boyfriend has mained GLA/PLD since 1.0 CE release and doesn’t plan to change, people have to find out they like tanking first, and then they’ll never be able to leave. I personally like tanking, but not in FFXI or FFXIV for some reason. I’m typically a healer, which is making me think I should forgo endgame a little bit and level up arc/sch, and finish off my cnj ( i hated cnj in 1.0)

  2. I’m excited about playing a paladin! I’ll probably also train for White Mage for heals.

    I really hope Dark Knight is released at some point.

  3. PinkPajamaPenguin says:

    I was planning on playing as a lancer in the main game… but there are so many of them. I think I’m going to start off as a gladiator and pick up a side job as a conjurer.

  4. KallahKallah says:

    I originally had my heart set on Bard, but after doing a good deal of research and video-browsing it looks like it’s more DPS with a handful of buffs (which isn’t a bad thing, just not what I’m looking for) than a true support class. Thankfully I had enough time to change course and try out Conjurer, and had the good fortune to chat up someone who was comfortable with macros. Using a handful of mouse-over macros was just what I needed to put myself back into the zone, and now I’m very much looking forward to seeing what further support/healing tools White Mage offers further down the road.

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