FFXIV:ARR Guide to Weaver Leves

Weaver Leves – Details

Turn in Items for Each Grouping

I wanted to put together a listing of known crafting leves.  This page is specific to the Weaver.  For full listing of all crafting classes, please visit our Crating Leve Page.  This isn’t a complete listing (yet) as I we are not fully leveled up in all crafting classes.  Anyone with information about other classes, feel free use this form to add any missing information.

(Note:  This is a work in progress from the information we have gathered in game)

The asterisk means it can be repeated for full reward three times.  The repeatable leves start at level 20, and typically require 3 crafts per turn in.  Once you turn in the items, the NPC will offer to allow you to turn in additional items.  You can select yes, no, or let me choose later.  If you pick yes, you can still exit out of the trade and complete them later.

For a listing of Field Leves (outside of the city) see our Travel and Leve Map

Weaver Leves (The Leve NPC is located in Ul’Dah):

  • Level 1:  Hempen Chausses & Hempen Underpants
    • Scorpion Crossing, Western Thanalan - Hempen Halfgloves & Hempen Cowl
  • Level 5:  Hempen Kecks, Hempen Tabard, & Amateur’s Dalmatica (@Scorpion Crossing, Western Thanalan)
    • Scorpion Crossing, Western Thanalan - Hempen Kecks, Hempen Shepherd’s Tunic, Ameteur’s Breeches
  • Level 10:  Straw Hat, Cotton Scarf, Cotton Turban (@Horizon, Western Thanalan)
    • Horizon, Western Thanalan - Hempen Bracers & Cotton Halfgloves
  • Level 15:  Cotton Shepherd’s Tunic, Initiate’s Slops, Cotton Kurta (@Camp Drybone, Eastern Thanalan)
    • Camp Drybone, Eastern Thanalan - Padded Hempen Trousers & Cotton Work Gloves
  • Level 20:  Cotton Breeches of Crafting (3*), Cotton Sash, and Cotton Doublet Vest of Gathering (@Quarrymill, South Shroud)
    • Quarrymill, South Shroud - Cotton Dress Gloves & Cotton Coif of Gathering (3*)
  • Level 25:  Velveteen Shirt, Velveteen Sarouels (3*), & Velveteen Wedge Cap of Gathering (@Quarrymill, South Shroud)
    • Quarrymill, South Shroud - Initiate’s Slops & Velveteen Sarouel of Gathering (3*)
  • Level 30:  Velveteen Robe, Velveteen Work Gloves (3*), & Linen Chausses (@Costa del Sol, Eastern La Noscea)
    • Costa del Sol, Eastern La Noscea - Velveteen Gaskins & Velveteen Dress Shoes (3*)
  • Level 35:  Linen Trousers, Linen Hat (3*), & Linen Wedge Cap of Gathering (@The Observatory, Coerthas)
    • The Observatory, Coerthas - Linen Cowl & Linen Tights (3*)
  • Level 40:  Linen Smock, Linen Deerstalker (3*), Woolen Kecks (@Whitebrim, Coerthas)
    • Whitebrim, Coerthas - Woolen Tights, Woolen Hat (3*)
  • Level 45:  Woolen Smock (3*), Felt Hat, Felt Chausses (@St. Coinach’s Find)
    • Saint Coinach’s Find, Mor Dhona -
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3 Responses to FFXIV:ARR Guide to Weaver Leves

  1. Mike says:

    level 45 leves mor dhona
    Felt robe
    woolen deerstalker*3

  2. jo says:

    hahaha thanks for wasting all my high quality materials on making cotton breaches of crating its actually cotton coif of gathering once again thanks for wasting my time ill make sure to use another guide not by you

    • AelaAela says:

      Hey Jo, sorry you weren’t able to find the leve you were looking for. As listed in the guide the Cotten Breaches of Crafting is offered in Uldah, while the Cotton Coif of Gathering is offered out of Quarrymill. You must have been looking at the Quarrymill leve quest NPC while wanting to turn in items from the UlDah NPC. The leve guide lists by zone, first the main city, then the field NPC.

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